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Front: Polk Audio Series II Monitor 40's
Center: Polk Audio Series II CS2
Sub: BIC PL-200

Rear: I have Polk Audio Series II Monitor 30's, but due to the new home there is no where to put them and have it look nice, so we have decided to go in ceiling, however, one of the caveats is the ceiling is tilted upwards..

TV will be mounted, but that is the front setup, center channel is tucked right under the tv in the stand right above the AV Receiver.

This is the sofa where the listener will be and the ceiling the speakers will go...


1) All of the speakers I am between have adjustable tweeters, but do I also need to get an angled woofer as well or just the tweeter needs to be pointed?

2) How do I decide where to cut a hole and mount them? Directly above listener? foot behind listener? sides of listener? What is optimum for a ceiling rear speaker?

Speakers I am between:

$89.99 Polk Audio RC60i -Adjustable tweeter - (to match my other Polk's):

$55.00 MonoPrice 4103 6.5" - Adjustable tweeter -

$104 MonoPrice 4929 8" - Adjustable tweeter, 15 degree angled woofer -

Recommend me oh great AVS FORUMS
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The directional tweeter is more important than a directional woofer. Fully directional speaker is better, but not required. If looking to do the traditional side surround, then the speakers should be placed on the sides of the listening position. I prefer to have the speakers set at least 4' away allowing the ambient sound field to be created. Surround sound is meant to add to the experience, not over power your front stage. If they are too close, they will become distracting.

Regarding speaker preference, I guess I would stick with the Polk if this is your budget and these are your options.

If there is a room above the the living area where the in-ceiling speakers are to be installed, you will want to create a back-box of some kind to help prevent the sound from penetrating into the upstairs. It may also help with SQ.

just my 2 cents
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