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blackrain's Avatar blackrain 06:38 PM 04-28-2012
My A/V consultant suggested Niles for my basement home theater. I got the Niles Stagefront IW2550 LCR.

He recommended HDFX for my rear speakers (in-ceiling). Niles HDFX appears to be in-wall (although I do see references to "ceiling"). Can these be mounted in the ceiling (and if so), where would I mount them? Directly above the listening area??

Someone else on the forum recommended the Niles DS7FX, but the 8 ft depth requirement for these speakers (with enclosure) would run into a pipe that is 5-6 inches above the ceiling. The Niles HDFX would NOT have this issue (3 1/2 inch depth only)

As far as availability of space, I can either mount speakers 1 ft - 2 1/2 ft behind the listening area (depth should be less than 5 inches, UNLESS width is less than 7") or more than 5ft behind the listening area (depth can be more than 8 inches).

I could probably move the sofa (listening area) a few inches forward or back.

I picked up some ERD1s to try out as sides.

So, I guess I am looking at these options:

(1) HDFX in-ceiling (not sure where to install with respect to listening area)

(2) Edit: ERD1-s pole mounted 5 ft behind listening area is not an option because people will bang their heads into the speakers. The ceiling is too low to pole mount anything in a high traffic area.

(3) Other??? (needs to have a depth less than 5 inches, UNLESS the speakers have a width less than 7 inches)

flyng_fool's Avatar flyng_fool 08:36 PM 04-28-2012
ERD 1's are going to be better than any inwall at that price point.
blackrain's Avatar blackrain 07:22 AM 04-29-2012
Originally Posted by flyng_fool View Post

ERD 1's are going to be better than any inwall at that price point.

After seeing your response and giving it further thought, I think the ERD-1 is not an option for the rear because people are going to walk right into the speakers. My ceiling is a little over 6 ft high in that area because of a framed out area around plumbing and duct work (running lower then the ceiling around the rest of basement).

Pole-mounting is not an option because people will be walking right into it.

I have attached a cross-section picture of what it looks like above the ceiling.

You can see that there is a pipe that starts to run immediately adjacent to a support frame. On the other side, you can see an HVAC duct. There is about 8 1/2 inches of clear space between the pipe and duct where height is not a problem.

It seems that the DS7FX would also fit without an enclosure because it only needs a depth of 6 inches (leaving 1/2 inch clearance to the pipe). But with the enclosure (for preventing bleeding of sound), it won't work
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