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RogaLL's Avatar RogaLL
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 5
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Im interesting in Zeta Zero, this is some fresh company from poland with a lot of experience in audio buisness. My friend went there for Warsaw Audio Show and he told me that he never heard such a great sound.

but maybe i ll find somebody here who purchased those speakers? Can anyone say something about them?

i ll be greatful



here is a website of this company if u want to look on it

bitterwaste's Avatar bitterwaste
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 198
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I had to go look myself, they sure don't look cheap. lol But I could only imagine how they sound.

RogaLL's Avatar RogaLL
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 5
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i ve spoken with chief of this project. He said that the price for this model above is 15.000 $

If we look on specifications and design (which i like a lot!)... for me it's pretty good price for speakers in this class...is it?

RogaLL's Avatar RogaLL
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 5
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so does anyone know something? I m kind of newbie in such a tech so i ll be greatful for any answer

shadyJ's Avatar shadyJ
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 7,130
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They look interesting, but much of the self-promotion on their website is obvious BS: "We use the most modern scientific processes such as: atomic implementation, nano-technologies, high vacuum processes, as well as some of our own "Top-secret" propretary ideas unavailable anywhere else!

I can't believe they would sound bad. The cabinets look heavy-duty, which is good (some of them weigh over 200 lbs). The woofer certainly looks robust enough. Seeing how they make their own ribbon tweeters with their own developed technology, it's hard to say what they would sound like without hearing them. I would love to give them a listen though.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 11,342
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They look interesting - however, I would still look at
the Salk SoundScape 10 and 12 speakers.
RogaLL's Avatar RogaLL
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05-03-2012 | Posts: 5
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i was thinking about SalkSound but their design is just bad. My wife says that they look like coffins and "there is no soul, no imagination" ( you know....woman always protects appearance

well, im going to have a little talk on skype with a chief of this company , i ll get some more information about those products

best regards!
bitterwaste's Avatar bitterwaste
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05-04-2012 | Posts: 198
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I don't know about the rest of the people here but for 15k I think B & W 802 Diamond speaker would be a heck of a buy, and still some of the best sounding speakers I've heard to this day. I would have to hear more about this company or have a chance to audition these speakers before I would jump the gun on them. Looks are not every thing in this industry.
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