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Nuance, BillMac, Chris et al. I am strongly considering getting a Salk setup to go with my NEW Denon 4311 & BDPA100 for MC Music, movies etc which I will run via Denonlink (Thanks SOM). I am currently using a 10 year old 5.1 M&K speaker setup that has peerless & Vifa drivers. I am not happy whatsoever with the sound for music; specifically lack of crisp top end and muddy mids. I am using a Denon 3808 to drive this system and have followed your advice to bypass Audyssey on my L&R. To the point: can those running similar components tell me what to expect with the Salks vs. what I've got now? Also which model do you suggest? I do NOT listen loud, and not always from the sweetspot, but am interested in detail & Clarity from Jazz, Rock (75%) & Movies (25%). I appreciate your advice. Thanks, Will
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I'm sorry that I missed this thread - hope you're still around. You will likely gain a ton of clarity and detail with the Salk's over what you have now. Timbre accuracy and tonality of instruments will likely be more realistic, and the off-axis response will play nicely with your room (they have great off-axis measurements); imaging and sound stage width will probably improve. I don't know which M&K's you have, so I am just guessing here. The Denon receiver will power the Salk's nicely as well.

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I'm not sure which Salks you are planning for, but there are several Salk owners who power their speakers only with the Denon 4311. I own the same receiver and will soon be getting similar speakers, Dennis Murphy's Philharmonics. After learning that the 4311 is used I have dismissed (for now) the idea of adding an external amplifier.

By the way, your reason for moving to Salk was the same I used to choose the speakers I did. Congrats on the first step!

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that would be me... smile.gif

sorry i missed this thread earlier too... would have been more productive than the taffy pulls i've allowed myself to become involved with lately....

op, if you are still there... i'm very pleased with the way the 4311 (a100 in my case) deals with my setup... not sure what you have for subwoofage, but xt32 (non-neutered, anyway) is the real deal when it comes to sub eq, especially with multiples... and even though the ht2-tl's (and the ht2c and ht-1's) aren't the easiest speakers in the world to drive, i can reach relatively insane levels in here... granted, not the hugest room in the world, and i do let my subwoofers do their job...

i'm not familiar with the m&k's, so i can't provide any direct comparison commentary... what i CAN say is that i am VERY happy i made a leap of faith (with a firm push from nuance tongue.gif ) and purchased the speakers... i listen almost exclusively to "classical" music, with a bit of jazz and other stuff thrown in...

as far as "not in the sweet spot all the time"... welcome to my world... smile.gif i share my room with swmbo, so when she is in here, i'm off center... while it's obviously not as good as being in the money seat, it most certainly does not suck...

where are you located? maybe one of us can help you out... smile.gif

- chris


my build thread - updated 8-20-12 - new seating installed and projector isolation solution

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In my room Audyssey+Flat (which doesn't band roll the upper band) consistently gives me a flatter response at the main listening position. It reduces a good amount of bass gain from running my speakers too close to the wall. My advice is to not follow recommendations blindly since every room is different. Once your all setup, take some measurements so that you know what's going in there... Good luck!
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I don't have much to add here, but I have the 4311 driving Supercharged SongTowers and a Supercharged SongCenter. Relative to my old Polk Monitors they sound just fantastic. Makes me giddy sometimes.

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