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Speakers > please recommend quality wireless (or other related option) rear speakers/transmitters to add to a new 5.1 or 7.1 system
freetvEE's Avatar freetvEE 03:44 PM 07-11-2012
I have never used or setup wireless speakers before, but have a room in my new house that leaves little options but wireless-I think... Everything is finished above and below, and the rears are centered in the back by stairs in the middle, plus I don't wan t to run wires across my hardwood floors. This will be in om,so a high traffic/interference area. What options do I have for the 2 rear speakers-prefer wall mounted? Also, I would like to add on 2 wireless outdoor speakers as well, they can be on the same zone/source, I can plug them into the 7.1 back surround if that will work ok...

Anyone have any info, advice, or used something that has worked well? biggrin.gif


losservatore's Avatar losservatore 05:44 PM 07-11-2012
The wireless option will depends of what type of speakers you are using.I don't think that option will do a good job on speakers that required high watts.

there are flat wires that will perfectly hide on walls by painting then.
freetvEE's Avatar freetvEE 11:05 PM 07-11-2012
flat speaker wires could work, but they would have to go up the wall, over the ceiling, not to excited about that...

I didn't know that the wattage effected wireless reception, but then again I have a bit to learn about wireless. 2 of my options I am considering are:

losservatore's Avatar losservatore 01:04 AM 07-12-2012
I also think that with those wireless kits, sound quality maybe not be the same as straight wires from the receiver to the speakers.
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 06:10 AM 07-12-2012
Outlaw Audio has some wireless equipment. They have a good reputation for their other electronics.
freetvEE's Avatar freetvEE 08:56 AM 07-12-2012
these look interesting, thanks!

with all of this wireless stuff I worry that in use they will not work/sound as great as what they sound like on paper...

Anyone tried these or any other wireless system with success?
FLCanuck's Avatar FLCanuck 02:04 PM 07-12-2012
I've got experience with both the Rocketfish unit and the Outlaw Audio OAW3.

The OAW3 is currently in use for my side surrounds in my living room, using a small amp at the rear of the room to power the speakers and the "wireless" unit works flawlessly. Sound is plenty good for surrounds.

The Rocketfish is in use for a zone 2 application in the garage -- again, it works just fine. It has a built in amp and the volume levels are fine for that application as well.

These are called "wireless" but you still need wires from your amp (if using the OAW3)/Rocketfish receiver to the speakers, plus a power cord, so you'll need to consider that, but as far as how they work and sound - no problems.

You could also use some powered monitors if you wanted to forego a separate amp (or just try the Rocketfish or powered Outlaw OAWA3 unit).

If you're looking for audiophile-quality and high SPLs, then these probably aren't your solution, but for surround duty, a subwoofer, or a lower-volume, non-critical listening set-up they do fine (for me anyways). YMMV.

My personal preference is the Outlaw unit. It's smaller and I like the multiple connection options available.
losservatore's Avatar losservatore 06:11 PM 07-12-2012
The Outlaw looks like the best solution vs the other kits, just hope you have a place to hide the box and power plug,other wise it will look messy in the back.
freetvEE's Avatar freetvEE 12:43 AM 07-13-2012
good point on the wires, and thanks for all the info-I will check them both out for sure!
CloneX's Avatar CloneX 12:26 PM 07-14-2012
Also check out the Amphony Model 1600:
ClarkeBar's Avatar ClarkeBar 08:45 AM 07-15-2012
If you have a table or shelf this is another option if not going the direct speaker route:

I use mine on the floor behind the leather sofa and it works fine. Hardly ever listen to music in stereo anymore now that I have 5.1 or even 7.1 (albeit synthesized through a Controlled Dispersion Array).
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