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I'm new to this, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating anything that is already covered...

I want to buy some tower speakers from an INTERNET DIRECT speaker company for under $2,000... But, I don't know what to get...

Before a house fire, I had a Rotel RB1090 and B&W CDM9NT speakers...

I may buy a Rotel RB1582, or something else 200-300 watts for my new amp... I like the warmth power brings... Emotiva maybe?...

Any speaker suggestions?... I like the looks of the Swan speakers... Any good?...

I listen to rock like the Beatles, Byrds, Stones, Tom Petty, and Alt country like Whiskeytown, etc... Guitar music!... Thanks....
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As I posted before, here are two recommendations that fit your requirements:

Ascend Sierra Towers

Salk Songtowers

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Emptek? Polk audio LSI? B&w?

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Salk SongTowers or Ascend Sierra Towers.

These speakers are really hard to beat for the price.
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Originally Posted by losservatore View Post

Salk SongTowers or Ascend Sierra Towers.
These speakers are really hard to beat for the price.

Those two are very well loved here, deservedly so.

Other companies to consider:

Aperion Versus Grand towers

Anthony Gallo Classico CL-3 or CL-4

Tekton designs Lore or Lore-S

NHT Four tower speaker

I am actually redoing my basement and will be looking at these same speakers in a couple months. I plan to try to audition them in my own house to see which one I like the best.

For a speaker sold in regular stores, the Goldenear Triton 3 looks like a possibility.

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fwiw, another ID speaker you could look at are the decware mg 944's $1450. have transmission line mtm design as the salk towers with higher sensitivity. might come to use if you ever get into tubes(imo are great with types of music you listen too) just a suggestion

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I suggest a pair of the Anthony Gallo CL-3 speakers. I have had them for 3 months now, and they are simply amazing for their price. They come very close to sounding as good as my Vandersteen 3A speakers at my other house, which are around $5000 now including stands.

When The Absolute Sound did a rave review on them in the July/August issue, they were priced at $2395. Gallo has since decided to sell them factory-direct for only $1695, which is the deal of the century. They also give you 60 days free trial with shipping paid both ways, so you can audition them totally risk-free in your home. That is a deal that is hard to pass up! I think they are confident that very few will want to return them; they are probably correct about that...lol.

The CL-3 speakers replaced a pair of PSB Image T6 speakers, which sounded very good and which I was quite happy with until I heard the CL-3 ( I would have used Vandersteens at my second home, but a 16"-wide speaker simply was out of the question...). The CL-3 is half of the size of the Image T6, and they have better bass and sound better in every way. The Image T6 is a VERY good speaker, so I do not say that lightly.

Looking at them one would simply not believe the bass and power they can put out. I play orchestral music at full orchestral volume (and then some), and have never found their limit yet. I am driving them with a Bryston 3B-SST, which can put out 250 watts, so there is no real limit there. The CDT tweeter has nearly 180 degrees of horizontal dispersion, which makes every seat in the house a good one. It is also an amazingly nice-sounding one.

By the way, the Music Hall A70.2 is only $1500 now from Music Direct, and you won't find a Rotel amplifier that sounds as good IMO. It puts out 180 watts RMS to 4 ohms, so there is no power shortage.
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I recommend a pair of Angel City Audio's Trinity MTM to audition. They were the best speakers in the price range I heard at last years RMAF, to include the salk songtowers and Atlantic Technologies AT-1 (in different rooms, front end, etc.).

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