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Ok, now that I have decided and ordered the above hardware, I need speakers. First a story of the current speakers. In a previous home, the room for HT was of such a size that bookshelf speakers were sufficeint. Well 4 yrs ago we built a new house and now I have come to the conclusion they are too small for the room.

Room specifics: wood floors with an oriental rug; 25 ft ceilings in part and 12 ft in part; one wall of glass; one side open to a foyer

Room with 25 ft ceilings is approx 25' w x 22' l. The TV is not centered in the room, so therefore the apex listening position is not centered either. The main listening area is 12 ft from the video source. The center of the TV is about 8 ft from from side wall. My chair is perfectly aligned with the TV center but my wifes sitting area is aligned about another 5 ft to the side.

My current surround sound is set up with a speaker above the TV and one in each corner of the room with a sub on the balcony/

The room is open to the kitchen which is 21 ft W and 18 ft L. It has 10 ft ceilings.

Auditioning speakers here in the Houston area is very difficult considering we have a population of almost 5MM metro. Most high end dealers have gone private install and do not carry stock, but rather make suggestions. Some of the stores that do are all set up with powerful amps and other equipment and perfect acoustics so what you hear may not be what you get at home.

Therefore I have turned to the internet, reviews and various forums and I think I have narrowed it down to three speakers. I wanted to get feedback from you guys as to my picks:

1) Gallo Classico CL-4 ($2495) and center C-CLC ($599) Total $3094
2) Sierra Towers with the RAAL($2698)(but not crazy about their center speakers $608)) Total $3306
3)Salk Song Tower supercharged($3499) and song tower center ($795) Total $4294

Of the above, the Salks are the least efficient, if that matters at all with the Parasound. All give an in-home trial. Gallo for 60 days and pays for shipping both ways. Sierras are free shipping to me, a 30 day trial, but then I pay return freight. The Salks, aside for waiting until they are built, offer a 30 day in home, but I pay shipping both ways.

The Salks do not seem to have a very low, low end frequency overall, so it seems may have to rely more heavily on the sub to account for it.

All suggestions and comments appreciated,

Tim in Houston.

Tim in Houston
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Just a quick note about the Salks. They're not on the site yet but you can order a supercharged center too. I literally walked out of Jim's house an hour ago, where I ordered supercharged SongTowers and a supercharged SongCenter.
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KEF Direct offers an in home trial with free shipping both ways. Try them out. Return them. Then buy from Vanns or Onecall for a good discount - unless you don't care about paying full price. biggrin.gif

Members have been able to get a full 5.0 set for $2200 delivered from Vanns: KEF Q900 x 2, Q600c x 1, Q300 x 2.

The Q900 has a sensitivity of 91dB and SPL rating of 114dB, so should be enough for most people who don't listen too loudly from too far distance.

Revel doesn't offer an in home trial. But you can get about the same discount prices as KEF from dealers on the F12 & C12.
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I have an all Gallo HT (expcet for sub) and can recommend them highly. I do not have the CL-4 (I have the ref 3.1) but have recently gotten the CL-C. In that large space if your SPL demands are not great, then I am sure that any of those three choices will suffice. The Gallo's are the smallest of the three and will be less visually imposing. The Salks will give you a furniture grade finish and can be matched to your cabinets with an upcharge if that is what you desire. They all will need a sub for HT though.

Based on your pictures, you seem to have some real logistical challenges. Where do you intend to put the electronics? The A51 is going to need plenty of ventilation. Where will your speaker wires exit the wall/built-ins?


Beautiful home, by the way
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I strongly recommend the Gallo Acoustics Classic system. They compete with some of the best speakers at much higher prices. IMO they are definitely the best of your options.

The 60-day free trial will let you get them and break them in for a month with no commitment ; the bass is best after about 50 hours or so.

I have the CL-3 speakers, and they are amazing. They are very close in overall performance to the Vandersteen 3A speakers I have at my other home. The CL-3 speakers have amazing bass, especially when one considers their relatively small size. They have so much bass, as a matter of fact, that I usually leave my subwoofer off except when listening to organ music or movies with extreme sound. One would expect the CL-4 to have even more, of course.

Highly recommended.

To get anything that sounds even close to them in a KEF speaker, you will need to go to the Reference series R700 ; the Q series is not nearly as good. I am not saying that the Q series are not good speakers; they are. It's just that the CL-3 and CL-4 speakers are superb, and there isn't much for under $5000 that is really going to come close. They are simply amazing for their price.
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Originally Posted by bohai View Post

The Salks do not seem to have a very low, low end frequency overall, so it seems may have to rely more heavily on the sub to account for it.
All suggestions and comments appreciated,
Tim in Houston.

They go lower than the Sierra Tower's you're looking at.

I think any of these three speakers would be pretty great. I haven't heard the Anthony Gallo's, but they look nice. I've heard the Salk's and Ascends and both are great speakers for their respective price ranges.

Any chance you can audition any before making a purchase?

P.S. All speakers should be paired with at least one subwoofer for HT. I don't care if they reach down to 20Hz, a subwoofer (or two or three or four) can still be beneficial. Subs can be placed wherever you need them to be in order sound good and to smooth the in-room response. The best place in your room for bass response likely isn't the best for imaging and soundstage capabilities, so no matter what speaker you choose I highly recommend pairing them with subs for HT. 2-channel is a different story, of course.

My journey to find the "perfect" speaker
No matter what measurements tell us, a loudspeaker isn’t good until it
sounds good. - Dr. Floyd Toole
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You mentioned not being real found of the ascend center and by the price you listed it was for the Sierra-1 center. There is a much larger and identical matching center for the towers.......

Hope this helps, good luck in your search!
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