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I moved to the Philippines this year and my bose system (Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System) was delivered this week. STUPID me I forgot to plug it into my transformer (220V standard outlet here) so it stopped working right away and I have NO ACCESS to a Bose repair center :-( . I would assume the main issue is a bad fuse in the Acoustimass module. On other forums I have seen people fix blown soldered fuses in different models of Acoustimass units so I assume I have the same type of fuse to deal with.

Anyway, I'm asking around to find out how to open this unit so I can replace the fuse myself. I heard in some units there is a hidden locking system that needs to be flipped and buttons need to be popped off. I have taken out the screws but it won't open up (due to some flip lock apparently). I don't know what the quartersized wood piece with two holes on the bottom is for but it doesn't move with slight pressure. I thought it was best to leave it alone until I got some directions. People say the lock switch is hidden in the seams (where there is wood and plastic meeting) but I don't see anything. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pry a little bit before something POPS out or what. It's recommended to use a flat head screw driver to access it.

If anyone has a clue how to open this thing please let me know.

Here are photos of the module for reference.

*I don't know if image links are allowed on this forum so I'll upload the photos directly later if the link is deleted)

Thanks everyone
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