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09-19-2012 | Posts: 13
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for the past 4 months i've had a 2.1 speaker system and a 5.1 speaker system hooked up to my computer via an auxiliary 3.5m splitter. up until about a week ago, everything worked perfectly. when i'm on my computer using my monitors, i use my 2.1 speakers. when i'm using my computer to watch movies on my projector, i use my 5.1 speakers. i always kept everything plugged in at all time.

now (suddenly with absolutely zero settings changed) when i have both systems plugged in the splitter into the computer, my right speaker (2.1 system) won't work. mind you, my left speaker (2.1) and all my 5.1 speakers work. however, when i unplug my 5.1 speakers, both of my 2.1 speakers work like normal again.

i have no idea whats going on. like i said, nothing has changed whatsoever settings wise. i even bought a new splitter just to see if that was it. brand new splitter does the same thing. this has never been an issue until about a week ago. anyone have any insight as to what this could be? i'm so perplexed lol. thank you in advance! by the way i'm using intel's onboard realtek hd audio
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