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jproy13's Avatar jproy13 08:55 AM 09-20-2012
Erikson Consumer (division of JAM Industries) is the distributor/manufacturer of some well recognised brands. The most known are probably H.K., Infinity, JBL, Mission, Sherwood among others. They also, make a couple of house brand for 2 major consumer electronics chain, one is present in North America and the other on in Canada.

I was browsing around and stumble on the Soundstage (house brand for the Canadian C.E. chain) website and they have a new design that puzzle and makes me raise an eyebrow.

I'm not as advanced in the world or acoustics as most members here, I jus recently started reading "The Master Handbook of Acoustics"smile.gif, but I'm wondering, can this technology on these actually work, and why or why not.?

Just curious on what you guys think about this design. Maybe it already exist?


Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 01:47 PM 09-20-2012
It's a way to intentionally add reflections and delay to the higher frequencies. From my point of view, it's a way to physically implement something like one of the various "room simulations" provided in some receivers. Adding reflections that you can't remove prevents an accurate reproduction of the sound recorded on a disc or in a sound file.

Some people really like that kind of sound, though. There are a variety of speaker designs available which use room reflections in similar ways. Some omnidirectional speakers are very expensive.
jproy13's Avatar jproy13 03:30 PM 09-20-2012
would it be like trying to achieve what Mirage is doing but in a different way?
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