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ffactoryxx's Avatar ffactoryxx 08:57 AM 09-24-2012
So basically I have the following setup in my basement right now.

Its a about a 20x12' room with my TV one of the 12' walls with my speakers on either side. The floor is Tile on a slab with a big area rug over it. Its a nice Rectangular area'.

I don't listen to a lot of music and use this more for Movies and Gaming.

Currently have a setup I built back in 2002

Fronts- JBL S-310
Center - JBL S-Center
Surround - JBL N26's
7.1 Surrounds - JBL 24's
Sub - Sony SW40
Receiver - Onkyo RC360
TV - Mitsubishi 65" DLP

I have been toying with upgrading the sounds system in my Home/Theater - Game Room and moving the current to my Living room.

I guess the real question is will I hear significant differences with the following over what i currently have.

Looked at

Fronts - Energy RC-70
Center - Energy LCR
Surrounds - RC - 10
(potential RC-10's for 7.1 if I decide to go that way)

Right there I would be looking at around $1100 to overhall just the speakers. The sub can be the last to upgrade as I am in a townhouse and keep my base moderately mid level anyway.

So few questions....

1. Would that upgrade be worth it and how significant of a difference will I hear?
2. Would my receiver be powerful enough to handle these speakers?
3. Would there be cheaper options that would still be a huge upgrade but cheaper than the energy route. i have seen Polks, Energy V6.2, etc.
4. Is my space to small for Badboys like Energy, etc.

Thanks in advance. Just trying to flesh out my thoughts here.

Ruben Z's Avatar Ruben Z 09:46 AM 09-24-2012
How much for you S-310's ? I'm interesed.
ffactoryxx's Avatar ffactoryxx 02:21 PM 09-24-2012
Originally Posted by Ruben Z View Post

How much for you S-310's ? I'm interesed.
Haven't thought about making the move from them yet. Can't you find them?
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 05:58 PM 09-24-2012
The Energy RC series is a very good value, but I don't know anything about the JBL S310 series to able to compare them for you. Looks like the RCs have slightly better sensitivity. A good guess is that your receiver would drive them about the same as your JBLs.
ffactoryxx's Avatar ffactoryxx 06:42 AM 09-25-2012

Anyone think it wil be an earth shattering difference such as moving from a cheap Home Theater in a Box to a Energy system.
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 06:48 AM 09-25-2012
If you don't get an answer to your question here, perhaps someone in the Energy Owners Thread has heard both.
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