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zpatter1's Avatar zpatter1 01:26 PM 10-05-2012
Hey everyone, this is my first post. I am in college, and looking for some speakers to compliment my TV. I live in an apartment with about 20 feet between the wall my couch is on and the wall my TV/Speakers will be on. The room is about 18 feet wide. I will mostly use the speakers for movies, but I occasionally listen to music. Probably 90% TV to 10% music. I'm certainly no audiophile, but would like something better than a cheap prebuilt 5.1 from best buy with no real receiver, etc. I listened to the Polk TSi400 towers, and liked them a lot. I am looking for 2 speakers preferably. A sub is a bit prohibitive because the walls in my apartment aren't very thick. I also looked at the Polk RTiA1 bookshelf speakers, which seemed like a good choice as well, but lacked a little on the low end compared to the towers. Since I am going to use them primarily for movies, I also looked at the Bose Cinemate II. My budget is $600 or less. The towers are definitely at the top of the budget, and the Polk bookshelves ($350) and Bose cinemates ($400) are a comfortable price. I have a Yamaha S1200 DVD/Receiver combo. I know its old, but it was free. I would probably build a 5.1 system from these in the future. Any advice or other recommendations are definitely welcome. The store I looked at also has Monitor Audio and Bowers and Wilkins speakers. Thanks for the input!

m_vanmeter's Avatar m_vanmeter 01:43 PM 10-05-2012
for a college apartment layout, you might consider a pair of Energy EF-500 towers (on a great sale this weekend)
http://promotions.newegg.com/NEemail/oct-0-2012/columbusday05/index-landing.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL100512&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL100512-_-EMC-100512-Index-_-E0-_-PromoWord (note the coupon code - it's necessary to get the low price)

another option would be Polk Monitor60 towers (decent price, but not on a great sale - priced each)

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zpatter1's Avatar zpatter1 01:52 PM 10-05-2012
Thanks, these systems seem to be a good bit cheaper than the ones I looked at already (cheaper is certainly not bad). Is there a big quality difference, or is the difference really only noticeable if I am listening to a good bit of music? I definitely want something that's pretty good quality.
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 03:33 PM 10-05-2012
Originally Posted by zpatter1 View Post

I listened to the Polk TSi400 towers, and liked them a lot.

Did you know that the Polk TSi series is mainly just a cosmetic upgrade over the Polk Monitor series that Newegg caries? Like m_vanmeter pointed out, Polk Monitor60s are $129 ea shipped at Newegg for the next few days (although I would say that is a very good price). Pretty similar to the TSi400s. At that price, you could afford to get the matching CS2 Series II center channel, too. Do you like the cherry or black finish? smile.gif

Another option, also at Newegg, is the Kef iQ70 for $199 ea. On closeout, so 1/3 off MSRP. These are comparable to the B&W 600 series that BestBuy carries (some would say even better).
zpatter1's Avatar zpatter1 03:47 PM 10-05-2012
Cherry finish for sure haha. I haven't listened to a Kef yet, but I'll try to find a store that has them nearby. Is B&W considered a better brand than Polk? It seems to be more well known but mostly has speakers out of my price range. Also, I can get a B&W CDM7SE for $899 used, but that is still out of budget. Am I better off getting two towers for around $300-400 unless I want to move up past $600, into more of the $800-1000 range?
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 03:51 PM 10-05-2012
The B&W 600 series would be considered comparable in class to the KEF iQs and the Polk RTi series. The Polk Monitors and Polk TSi, a step below.

Those Kef's are probably the best bang for the buck deal for towers under $600. For $800, the Kef iQ90s. Kef came out with a new version, so these are on closeout, and closeout specials are often your best deals.
zpatter1's Avatar zpatter1 04:19 PM 10-05-2012
Looks like the B&W towers are out of my price range by a lot unless I find them used. Would it be better to get B&W used or Polk/Kef new?
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 04:29 PM 10-05-2012
Get the KEFs, I've heard them, great price too! The clarity of dialogue with those speakers is very good and would work well for home theater.
zpatter1's Avatar zpatter1 05:47 PM 10-05-2012
Looks like it is between the Polk Monitor 70 Cherry ($350/pair) and the KEF iQ70 ($400/pair).
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 06:05 PM 10-05-2012
the Monitor 70 cherry are sold out a Newegg so you'd have to get the M70 in black which is $199 each like the KEF iQ70

if you're buying from the Polk Audio store on ebay you only get a 2 year warranty on the refurb speakers vs 5 years for new ones on Newegg.
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