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I L K E R's Avatar I L K E R 03:28 PM 10-06-2012
Hi guy's

My paradigm signature S6's has a piano black finish. Over time they developed little scratches from dusting. I do use a soft cloth to wipe them but still you can't avoid the hair line scratches.

So my question is... Has anyone here wax+polish their speakers? If so what is the best way to go about this? Do I need a car wax or is there special wax for this stuff? Also do you wax by hand or use a power tool? Any info would be great on how to do this without recking my speakers.

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SAVholic's Avatar SAVholic 05:30 PM 10-07-2012
I use this with my Yamaha NS-555 that are also piano black and they look brand new, It did remove the fine scratches from dusting in my center (NS-C444) just a small spray in a microfiber cloth and wipe until dry, but I can't tell if it will work for you. This stuff is cheap so you may give it a try.

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