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kay11's Avatar kay11 10:25 AM 10-19-2012
How would you guys compare these systems.

There have been many discussion on how good the pioneers are in the budget range. But they are too big and ugly, especially the center channel.

I looking to get one of these 5.1 setups.

Take Pioneer FS51 Floors + Bookshelfs BS21 + Some other smaller center channel (Pioneer CS is just plain ugly)

Pioneer FS52 (New model) + Bookshelfs BS22 + Some other smaller center channel

Jamo H426 package

Used Def Tech Mythos Twos or Six + Polk OWRM3 Surrounds for rear + Some center channel

Mirage OS3 FS + Mirage OS3 satellites for surrounds and center

Used Klipsch Gallery G28 + Klipsch Gallery G12 for surrounds and center

What do you guys suggest?

My Receiver - Pioneer VSK-821K

My room is 19X15, Living room, no big FS speakers, under 10 inch depth.

Movies is primary, 90%. Music only 10%.
Will not need high volume environment.

Sub choices - Jamo 8 inch 210, Pioneer SW8, Polk 10 inch, Def Tech super cube 2000, Velodyne, JBL 8 inch or 10 inch

Are there any other choices at $500-600 range?

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 11:18 AM 10-19-2012
I've heard both the Pioneers and Jamo s426. The Pioneers are better but you need to use a Pioneer center as a tonal match. The C22 center is smaller than the C21.
My room is 19X15, Living room, no big FS speakers, under 10 inch depth.

How do you define big? The FS52 is 35" tall. Are there height limitations or just depth?
kay11's Avatar kay11 12:11 PM 10-19-2012

I mean I have sleek LG TV, I would not like bigger floor standers.

When I say big, height is fine, but depth is key for me. I do not want very heavy ones too.

Mirage OS3 FS is very thin but tall speaker, attractive to took at. Klipsch Gallery is good too.

Def Tech XTR-50 is awesome but very expensive for my use.

Mythos Two/Four/Six can be wall mounted and are attractive to look at.

Jamo's at first sight, I did not like the S426, but it looks way better now (comparison to Pioneers).

S426 has two 5.25" woofers while Pioneer has three. So Pioneer should be powerful.

CS21/22 with two more big drivers is probably two much for me.

C22 is also too big in size, even though FS51/52 is palatable.
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