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deecue's Avatar deecue 05:23 PM 11-06-2012
Hi all,

I have the option to purchase a used pair of Studio 20 v2's or Monitor Mini v5's for the same price ($250).. Both seem like a good deal so I'm trying to decide which I should go for since the Studio's are 3 versions older than the Mini's.. I could also grab the Mini's along with a CC290 center for a total of $375 which I'm trying to see if I should pull the trigger on as well.

The current plan is to use this as a LCR setup until I can locate some floor standing Paradigm's and push the bookshelf's to the back as my rear's for a 5.1..

Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Also, do either of these even seem like a good deal to begin with?

Many thanks,

grasshoppers's Avatar grasshoppers 05:39 PM 11-06-2012
That is a tough one! I have never heard the studio 20 v2. I might be
Concerned about their age and condition.

I have the mini-monitors v5 and a cc-190 v6 in a 3.1 system for my
Bedroom. They sound great! I had previously used the minis as surrounds
In my den set-up. If you are going to watch TV and movies go with
The monitors.

I think it is a fair deal on both sets of speakers. Good luck!
deecue's Avatar deecue 11:15 PM 11-06-2012
Thanks for the response grasshoppers!
Yeah, it's definitely a tough one. I haven't heard the studio 20's myself but people raved about them I once i found older reviews. So I'm torn, especially because of their age.

However, now I've come across a 2003 Axiom grand master 175 package for $950 which is very tempting. Around 1k was my budget for a used 5.1 setup and figured adding two fronts and a sub for the paradigm's would put me in that range as well. So I'm going to have to think seriously about that..
deecue's Avatar deecue 01:43 PM 11-07-2012
So it looks like after speaking with a couple other people that $950 seemed steep for the Axiom setup.. So I'm considering negotiating that down OR continuing with the Paradigms as originally thought. It's odd how Axiom was always raved about back in the day and now it seems there is so much mixed response - either people love it or hate it.

still on the fence..
chatanika's Avatar chatanika 02:34 PM 11-07-2012
For 250. how can you go wrong? The V2 reference was paradigm's top line before the signature series. I have some 20's and a coup[e pairs of 100"s and if the price is right I will get buy more. Some day when I can afford it , an upgrade to a set of salk speakers would be nice, but for now there are good deals to be had on those paradigms Imo.
_stranger's Avatar _stranger 03:51 PM 11-07-2012
Definately the v.2 studios ..
deecue's Avatar deecue 09:33 AM 11-08-2012
Awesome. Thank you everyone for your replies and help!
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