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John Nguyen's Avatar John Nguyen 06:43 AM 11-12-2012
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and here seeking advices/suggestions from audio enthusiasts.

My wife and I recently purchase a UN60ES8000 TV and she wanted a cleaner speakers setup in the living room without the dozens cluttered wires/cables. Her friend suggested doing a $100 Vizio soundbar to replaced our current Onkyo HTIB 7.1. I told her there's no way any soundbar will sound the same as the 7.1. She had listened to the soundbar at her friend's house and was really interested in finding one comparable. So, then we ventured to the local best buy to make the comparisons and see the options. The best buy tech immediately pointed us to the $1500 Bose soundbar w/ sub and the Bose CineMate GS Series II ($800). Both sounded good to her, but for me I thought it was rather high price. I always thought Bose is overhyped/overpriced. Her response "you get what you pay for"...

Here's my current setup:

room type/size: living room 13 x 13
speakers setup: 7.1 Onkyo (forgot the model, but was purchased 3-4yrs ago), speakers size 12", Onkyo receiver

we'll be watching mainly tv shows/movies, bluray/dvd movies, music videos

possibly in the future: mixer for karaoke

budget: up to $1k

Please give us some suggestions for a cleaner/less cluttered...possibly doing a 2.1 or something similar. End goal is see less wires/cables and no big bulky speakers. Is there such thing as wireless speakers setup?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


John Nguyen's Avatar John Nguyen 09:14 AM 11-12-2012
Sorry - I'm not much of a A/V person, but can I use different brand speakers with my current Onkyo sub/receivers? Any suggestions for a sub compact speakers I can mount on the wall and hide the wires?
Elihawk's Avatar Elihawk 09:34 AM 11-12-2012
"can I use different brand speakers with my current Onkyo sub/receivers?" Probably, but without knowing the model of the reciever, it is hard to know for sure. Does the AV rec have special pin connectors, or standard speaker wire posts (some HTIBs cannot accept normal speaker wires connections) ? How many watts does the reciever put out?

Smallish speakers that can be wall mounted...Cambridge Audio Minx, DT procinema 800s, Orb speakers, to name a few, are all smallish speakers that are sealed and could be flush/wall mounted
John Nguyen's Avatar John Nguyen 06:02 PM 11-12-2012
I have a HT-R550. I think this puts out 1120 W.
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