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11-14-2012 | Posts: 6
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I have been lurking in on the forums while doing some research on setting up a HT in my basement. I came across these speakers and haven;t been able to find out much about them. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking for a 5.1 system below $3k and wondering if I should add these to the list of potentials.
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11-14-2012 | Posts: 190
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I have not heard word from any US importers having these speakers. Based on your English I assume you're in the USA smile.gif . You may be able to contact Cleveland Plasma and see if he can import them. Based on pricing I've found online from distributors in the far Eastern regions of the world and a generic currency conversion shows that these speakers alone might cost near $3,000 for a pair. I've been pretty happy with my Diva 6.2F speakers, albeit with quality front-end equipment. I really was hoping to get my hands on some 8.3s, but for $3,000 I would spend my money elsewhere.
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11-15-2012 | Posts: 6
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Yes, I am in the US and if in fact they are not available here, then it makes perfect sense why I can't find anything about them here, much less anywhere to purchase. I assumed since the Diva 6.2F were running about $1.1K a pair that the 8.3 would be in the $1.3-1.8k range. If they are anywhere near $3k then I will look elsewhere. In any case how do you like the 6.2F? They look like gorgeous speakers and at $1.1K they fit my budget. Any knowledge of where I might be able to find a pair to listen too?

Thanks again.
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11-15-2012 | Posts: 190
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Well, if you want to come to Metro Detroit you can listen to mine. cool.gif

The 6.2F is pretty good. They are very tall. The tweeter definitely goes over my head on a normal seating position. TheAudioInsider will comment that the speakers were designed for large rooms and theater style tiered seating, which is fine. I ignored this and bought them because they supposedly have an upgraded crossover from the 6.1, and the tweeter is mounted much better than the 6.1. I have some Diva 2.1 bookshelf speakers as my rear surrounds (they have the same tweeter and mid-range driver as the 6.1) and I must say that I do not like their sound for 2 channel. Based on this I am happy I went with the 6.2F and not the 6.1, because I fear I wouldn't like its sound signature.

Overall I would say that the 6.2F is a good speaker. It's pretty heavy on the mid-range. I ran an Anthem D2 pre-pro for a bit and the Anthem Room Correction showed a huge hump in the mid-range from the speakers. This might have been exacerbated by my room, but I feel like it was more the speakers. The 6.2F really excels when you add good front-end components. They sounded incredible with the Anthem D2 and Anthem PVA 7 amplifier. I have also run them with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum tube amp, and Rogue Audio M180 monoblocks. The 2 channel performance from the tube amps was great. biggrin.gif

A lot of users on this forum state that you will not hear a difference between most DACs and amplifiers but I tend to feel the exact opposite way. I believe that the 6.2F only excels when it has quality front-end components, DAC and pre-amp especially.
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