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FireDemonSiC's Avatar FireDemonSiC 02:22 PM 11-17-2012
Well, it's that time again. Right when I'm almost set to add in my sub, the Boston 746 plate speakers in my dash decide to blow out so I'm in the market for a new set.

The Boston's sounded good for the time that I had them, but honestly I am disappointed that they only lasted me 2 years, with the first year being driven directly off the head unit. Both of the woofer cones have separated from the woofer surround material.

They are being driven by a Kenwood amp at 40 Watts a channel with the HPF set at 100hz due to no sub. I think the main reason they didn't last is the material the woofers are made of. The woofers are advertised as copolymer but honestly it just looks like a fancy paper cone and the woofer surround material appears to be foam rolled.

I have come down to a choice between these two sets:

Both sets have the integrated crossovers and rubber surrounds which is already a plus over the Bostons, but I am not so sure about the woofer material on the JBLs. That honeycomb laminate almost looks like another fancy paper cone.

I am looking for a set that will last, produce about as much bass as you can get out of a 4x6 and get along well with my CDT component set in the sails.

What does everyone recommend?

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 02:35 PM 11-17-2012
FireDemonSiC's Avatar FireDemonSiC 03:01 PM 11-17-2012
Yeah I saw that forum. I also saw the thread/post count which indicates that It's an abysmal wasteland. I didn't see anything that isolated this sub-forum to only home audio.

Thanks for the help...
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 05:34 PM 11-17-2012
well maybe this forum would be better?
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