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Lisa Gorbin's Avatar Lisa Gorbin 03:38 AM 11-21-2012
im considering soundmagic e10 and superlux hd330/660..they say full sized headphones have better sound quality than iems of the same what would you recommend between these headphones? im just considering sound quality and lifespan..obviously im tight on budget..thanks

cel4145's Avatar cel4145 09:59 AM 11-21-2012
I agree. I think good full-sized headphones generally have better SQ to IEMs at the same price point. The disadvantage is they are less portable.

If isolation is not required, be sure to check out the Superlux HD668B semi-open headphones, too.
Lisa Gorbin's Avatar Lisa Gorbin 02:27 AM 11-22-2012
do you have experience in using soundmagic e10? how does it compare to superlux Superlux HD668B? tanks
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