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damthrill's Avatar damthrill 09:29 AM 12-04-2012
I can get LX16 speakers for $200 for my home theater. Is that a nice speaker for the price and will it sound good paired with denon 2113? I was also thinking maybe also an lx16 for the center. the only thing i don't like is that they kind of are deep. wouldn't that tend to look ugly even if i put them on the stand in my theater room? also is cherry more elegant than black or is it in the eye of the beholder?


crussader's Avatar crussader 12:56 PM 12-04-2012
I came across that deal last week and bought 4 of them. Same speaker as the new Motion 15 at half the price.

I too was debating a choice for the center (the matching Motion 30 is a bit much for my budget right now) when I found this:

Color choice is purely subjective. Although, centers aren't available in cherry yet.
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 06:20 PM 12-04-2012
just curious, did u get cherry or black. Do they look to deep against the walls? also, how do they sound( they sounded great in magnolia but thats not real world)? The center is killing me too I will look into that motion c from amazon.
kevi99's Avatar kevi99 06:46 AM 12-05-2012
Where did u find them for 200???
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 09:14 AM 12-05-2012
magnolia a/v. I guess they weren't selling that well according to sales rep. Remember they are bookshelf so they look a little deep. I just have never used bookshelves on a stand in a home theater and wondered how they look in ppls homes, wife is picky. she also doesn't want black so i was wondering how cherry looks in ppls homes.
crussader's Avatar crussader 02:35 PM 12-05-2012
Magnolia was closing them out because the Motion 15s have arrived.

I bought black because centers are only available in black, and the other wood accents I have in the room would clash with the cherry.
crussader's Avatar crussader 02:42 PM 12-05-2012
Originally Posted by damthrill View Post

..will it sound good paired with denon 2113?...

You might want to check if that receiver is rated to work with 4 ohm speakers. I know my mid-level Yamaha wasn't up to the task so I had to upgrade that as well.
Kini62's Avatar Kini62 02:53 PM 12-05-2012
Might want to get the Pioneer SC1222K instead. It supports 4 ohm speakers.
crussader's Avatar crussader 04:14 PM 12-05-2012
Originally Posted by Kini62 View Post

Might want to get the Pioneer SC1222K instead. It supports 4 ohm speakers.

I found what I felt was a better route than an expensive receiver:

RX-A800 B-Stock receiver (2 year factory warranty) from One Call for $448 delivered + UPA-500 amp from emotiva for $349 delivered. For $797 I get all the benefits of a receiver with the extra power of a dedicated amp.

Another benefit is that I now have separates that will be easier to upgrade in the future.
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 04:37 PM 12-05-2012
How do these lx16 speakers sound? and is $200 each a good great or crappy pice for home theater, they haven't come in yet and i guess i am stuck with black or i can cancel order? i am debating the denon 2113, if it can deliver or I might get a 3x13 receiver o an older denon 3 series, guess i need to do my 4 ohm homework. I like the upscaler for crappy dish receivers. having a separate amp always looks impressive and should most always work better as well.
crussader's Avatar crussader 05:01 PM 12-05-2012
Originally Posted by damthrill View Post

How do these lx16 speakers sound?

I just got my center in yesterday. I will try to give a review later tonight.

$200 is a great price for these speakers. They are functionally the same as the new Motion 15s that go for $400 each. Normally, you can only get a Motion 2 for $200.
crussader's Avatar crussader 05:03 PM 12-05-2012
Originally Posted by damthrill View Post

having a separate amp always looks impressive and should most always work better as well.

I must say I agree with that.
crussader's Avatar crussader 08:45 AM 12-06-2012
Originally Posted by damthrill View Post

How do these lx16 speakers sound?

By the time I got everything hooked up I only got to audition them for about an hour, but they were as good as I expected. I can't wait to see how they sound when I get them broken in.

Watched about half of Knight and Day. Even though I've seen it half a dozen times, there were so many details in the soundtrack that I had never heard before. I was definitely impressed.
kevi99's Avatar kevi99 10:25 AM 12-06-2012
no best buy in south florida has them thats a sweet deal for 200
crussader's Avatar crussader 10:40 AM 12-06-2012
Best Buy ran the promotion as part of black friday weekend. I suspect they sold them all in a hurry.

I know I had no intention of buying speakers when I walked in there a couple of days after black friday. I have have always wanted MLs, but dismissed the idea as too expensive for now. I was going to get 4 sats and a center from Axiom for about $1200 as an intermediate upgrade until I could afford MLs. But when I ran across the LX16 deal I couldn't pass it up. I wound up getting 4 LX16s and a Motion C center for less than I was going to spend on the Axioms.
kevi99's Avatar kevi99 11:51 AM 12-06-2012
pulled the trigger on amazon lx-16 275 each got 2, and motion c center 299
will have in about a week
crussader's Avatar crussader 12:31 PM 12-06-2012
Welcome to the club. The combo works great together.
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 06:22 PM 12-06-2012
So basically I got them in black and cant change color, and now i think i have to get a motion c, they had chalked me up for the new center whatever it was called 15s center for like $500 or something which i was gonna cancel and i think i will be getting a motion c. I love it when a plan comes together.

So how did they sound? was it like goddam thats nice! and u couldn't be happier? let me rephrase it, were you smiling the whole time your were watching knight and day, kinda like a kid that gott candy? or are you still looking for more speaker?
crussader's Avatar crussader 08:41 PM 12-06-2012
I love the speakers. Couldn't be happier.

Motion C available at:

Motion 15s are the new bookshelf that are just like the LX16s. They sell for $400.
The Motion 30 is the center that officially goes with the 15s. It sells for $650.

The Motion C is a previous model like the LX16s that has the same folded tweeter. Its a great combination. No need to spend the extra $350 for the Motion 30.
crussader's Avatar crussader 08:46 PM 12-06-2012
Just make sure you register your speakers with Martin Logan. If you don't register, you get a 90 day warranty. If you register, you get a 5 year warranty.
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 03:14 PM 12-07-2012
ok, so i am going to get a denon 2113 for sure or 2313. I will havw 4 lx16 and 1 motion 8. i am also going to get a dynamo 300 because i can't wait to listen too music. is the dynamo 300 mega crap? i have a martinlogan abyss that i run at 30% in another setup that is jawdropping base. often times my mom comes from the other side of the house and tries to explain how i am shaking the walls and the foundation is going to crack, give me a break...

i just have to go super budget and want it now on the subwoofer from bestbuy.
damthrill's Avatar damthrill 03:28 AM 12-08-2012
Its funny what I say and what I do. I ended up getting the 4 lx16 for $800 new, 1 open box dynamo 700 for $500, 1 motion 8 for $400 normal price, and one open box 2112 for $400. Thats what I bought and brought home. So if anyone wants to chime in on prices and if I got ripped off and should return any of these items. the motion 8 could be swapped for motion c.
fsmithjack's Avatar fsmithjack 08:50 AM 12-08-2012
Sweat set up and the total package is a nice solid value/deal. Sure wit this bit or that bit you may have been able to get one a little cheaper but really over all i think you did real well.
kevi99's Avatar kevi99 06:33 AM 12-12-2012
set up new speakers yesterday sound great lx-16 front l/r and motion c center
now looking to upgrade my 15 yr old yamaha sub looking at 2 dynamo 300's or dynamo 500
any thoughts
kevi99's Avatar kevi99 08:34 AM 12-14-2012
Just ordered new sub after much review went with the Outlaw Lfm-1 plus on sale now 499 delivered
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 09:26 PM 12-14-2012
Originally Posted by kevi99 View Post

Just ordered new sub after much review went with the Outlaw Lfm-1 plus on sale now 499 delivered

That's a good sub. Can't beat it for the money smile.gif
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