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Mattstang2007's Avatar Mattstang2007 04:38 AM 12-07-2012
Hi guys,

Fyi the Energy EF-500 are on sale for $129.00 a pair at Are these any good? I know they are rebranded. Let me tell you what I have currently; Denon 1913 with Energy take 5 classic 5.0(awesome btw), 2 rc micros for the back surround with a energy sub for a total of 7.1 surround. Would adding the towers make a difference? I would take the rc micros out and use the classics as the surrounds. Let me know what you guys think? I like energy speakers but at this price it sounds to good to be true. I am more then happy with what I have but if these are that good for the price, I want them. I really always wanted floor-standers anyways. So would these add anything to my already great system?
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afrogt's Avatar afrogt 08:22 AM 12-07-2012
If you get the EF-500 towers you'd really want to upgrade to a matching center also. It wont be a tonal match for your current Energy Take Classic center.

considering these are the exact same speakers the jamo s426 is a better deal since you get 5 speakers for $129.
Mattstang2007's Avatar Mattstang2007 08:28 AM 12-07-2012
Ok, thanks for the response. You have helped me make up my mind to not get them. Thank you.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 08:46 AM 12-07-2012
Sure, no problem.
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