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acex008's Avatar acex008 08:31 AM 12-10-2012
Went into my local Hi-Fi store here in Scarborough, Maine (New England HiFi) and was demoing a 5.0 system made by Sinclair Audio (Canadian company). I purchased an Onkyo TX-NR515 the week before and was looking for a speaker set. I know about the HDMI and other issues with the 515 but NE-HiFi does an in-house warranty for 3 years instead of a manufacturer's warranty of 2 years. PLUS they give out loaner's if mine should need repairs. AND, if they find that they can't repair it in-house they'll give me a brand new one! ALSO, they do 100% buy back for 1 year so that if a new model comes in that I like better I can upgrade and they'll give me 100% of my money back towards the new one.

Anyhow, so I went in and was enjoying my listening experience and was chatting with the owner Andy. He knows his stuff and has been in the industry for decades. I told him my plans for my dedicated HT I'm currently building in my basement and that I had a modest budget. He pointed me to the listening room where he auditioned the Sinclair 5.1 system for me. I was delighted at their performance and that he offers a 7 year warranty for the speakers and also includes the 1 year 100% buy back if I want to upgrade. He could sell me the LCR's and surrounds for $699 total! So I was sold but was waiting to make the purchase until I got my holiday bonus from work.

The wife and I went Xmas shopping this past Saturday and I brought her into NE HiFi to have her listen to the SInclair's. She was happy with the warranty extension that NE HiFi offers as well as the 100% buy back for upgrading since I seem to have a bad case of upgraditis often and usually resell things I buy within a few years (mostly sooner). Her father is a die-hard Klipsch fan-boy who has several La Scala's, KG's and other models I'm not sure of. He own's over 5 pairs of Klipsch speakers...

Anyhow, we were actually on our way out the door when she saw a box with Klipsch written on it. She said, they sell Klipsch? I'd rather see you spend your money on Klipsch. So we went back into the listening room where Andy demo'ed the Klipsch RF62 II's, the RC42 II, and the RS41 II's. A grin spread across my wife's face and said that sounds much better. I asked her to explain the difference (while Andy did an A/B comparison with his speaker selector) and her reply used the words, clearer, more defined and lifelike! As Andy turned the volume down he mentioned the price he could do for the Klipsch set up we demo'ed and MUCH to my surprise the wife said you should buy the Klipsch!!!

So, I bought the RF62's on the spot and told Andy I was going to do some more research on the Center and Surrounds since all he had were the smaller RC42 and RS41 models... My plan is to have him order me the RC 52 II and the RS 42 II's. He quoted me $250 for a pair of the RS41's and $180 on the RC42. With that said, should I just buy what he demo'ed for us or would upgrading to the RC52 and RS42's make an over $200 difference in output and performance in my small dedicated HT? My room will be 12.5' wide by 18' deep with 7.5' ceilings with a single seating position (one couch) which will be about 10' away from the 92" AT screen...

Browninggold's Avatar Browninggold 10:40 AM 12-10-2012
Congratulations on the Klipsch purchase. I upgraded to Klipsch a couple of yrs. ago and I am still happy, no more upgrades. I have never heard your particular setup or what you want to get. I would suggest asking those questions in the dedicated Klipsch thread.
Darrin_R's Avatar Darrin_R 11:11 AM 12-10-2012
You broke rule #1. Never shop for audio with the wife!
acex008's Avatar acex008 12:52 PM 12-10-2012
Browninggold: will do! Thanks!

Darrin: this time it worked to my advantage! biggrin.gif
psgcdn's Avatar psgcdn 01:31 PM 12-10-2012
Originally Posted by acex008 View Post

Her father is a die-hard Klipsch fan-boy who has several La Scala's, KG's and other models I'm not sure of. He own's over 5 pairs of Klipsch speakers...
So... maybe your wife would have been happy with a LRC La Scala HT!
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