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I am curious to ask if you opinions, or feelings about these two sets of speakers have changed after you got them through the 50-100 hour break in period? Did they open up to sound different/better?
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I have not noticed much of a difference on the Ascend speakers from when I received them to now..........I have noticed that , at times, I prefer the Ascend's bass profile if I don't want the bass to be emphasized, but I don't think its bass characteristics ( or other characteristics, for that matter) have changed.

Thr Arx's probably opened up some from a bass/ low midrange aspect over time, but not dramatically...........they can be bass heavy for me at times ( in part due to the fact that I can't get > 6 inch separation from walls/entertainment cabinets where they are currently placed), but the port enclosures take care of that if I want.

Short answer is not significantly.........

Still prefer the Arxs neutral, laid-back presentation over the Ascends slightly more forward aspect for most listening........
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