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12-17-2012 | Posts: 140
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Thanks for all the good info have been reading for months this is my first post
I only got the bug this year but have it kinda bad
after much research i bought refurbished polk m 70's and denon 3312 I bought this avr for the pre outs
I find my speakers some what lacking as i want crisper and a little brighter and slightly louder
so I am thinking klipsch rf-82 and rc-62 center as i read they are brighter but maybe too much so but needing less power
if i go with these i feel a seperate amp would not be needed.
my other choice polk rti a9 but more power would be needed would the highs be better than my polk m-70s
my problem I live on an island with no way of hearing before I buy and to get free shipping I have to pay full retail most all the open box,refurb,sratch and dent will not deliver to me and amazon will not deliver the more heavy floor speakers so I am stuck with crutchfield or vans can but at $100 plus per speaker for shipping
my set up
Room 18 x 20 8 ceilings
50/50 movies and music but i care more about the music sounding good
fronts polk m-70s will be moved to side surrounds later
center jbl es center
surrounds side optimus towers 1100 i bought at garage sale $10 a pair i like them ok will be moved to back duty later
back sony towers these will go away first
4 x jbl es 250pk subs have three now one will be here in two days bought open box cheap
avr denon 3312

The thing is if I pay $1000 0r more on speakers I am stuck with them for like the next 20 years the WAF thing
really i will have to look and wait for some kinda sale that will ship to Hawaii the big Island willing to wait as long as a year I think my wife would freak if I bought now next xmass no problem but if a great bargain comes along willing to risk it

My question are the klipsch really so bright and not so good for music I did hear these in a best buy last summer for only a couple minutes but stuck in my head
while visiting the main land and was impressed by the horns but i was just getting into the hobby and best buy out in the aisles hard time telling what they would sound like and along time ago and I was more of an idiot then there something else at a similar price i may like better? I do like the idea of higher spl and skipping the amp. WAF should stay around $1000 refurbish ok

I have four subs so I am not concerned about speakers going much below 80 htz
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12-17-2012 | Posts: 140
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so how bright slightly or oh my that is bright I hate to get these and be stuck with something I hate and regret
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Personally I much prefer the highs of Klipsch to that of Polk. I think the Klipsch Reference will blow away the Polk Monitor line. But there are those who don't care for that kind of speaker. If I were you, I would buy a couple of less expensive Klipsch bookshelf speakers, like some RB-41s, and try them out, they are small and light and won't be as much to ship. If you like that sound, then get the RF-82 and RC-62 speakers and use the RB-41s as surrounds. If you don't like that sound then just use the RB-41s for surround speakers where their sound won't be as much of a problem for you.
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12-18-2012 | Posts: 140
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feed back but I use only towers for my surrounds I like multi stereo sometimes and no need for a table or stand but good idea i think i will shop for a rc-62 for a center than as my center is already missmatched
I saw a demo from electonics expo for 329 but no ship to Hawaii I have plenty choices for 599 but wife would freak the 350 range maybe not as bad I can wait for some big sale
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