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fujitasenpai's Avatar fujitasenpai 08:35 AM 12-28-2012
Hi all,

I'm very interested in getting my first HT system and after reading so many forums/reviews/how-to's it feels very very overwhelming with all the informations that are out there.

A little background on the room: I live in an apartment and the living area where I watch TV is connected to the dining area and an open kitchen. But the living area is roughly 4 x 4.5 m (4.5m from back wall to TV). The sofa which I sit is right at the back wall. Unfortunately I won't be able to move it forward (I've included a floorplan)

I'm going to use this to watch movies and of course listen to music - jazz, classical and some pop.

I have: A Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, a Mac Mini with Plex for my HTPC, a HD Cable box and a PS3 all connected to a Samsung 50' Plasma TV (3D).

So after researching a bit and listening to a few limited selection of speakers I'm really like how the Wharfedales Diamond 10 series sound.

So the set up will be:

Diamond 10.1 (I actually like the Diamond 121 better, but I don't want to spend too much at first)
Diamond 10 CC
Diamond 10 SR

I'm confused regarding the subwoofer. The store demo'd a Diamond 10 GX sub, but I saw there's a 10 MX also which is smaller. so not sure which one to get.

Currently I'm looking at Yamaha RX-V473 or the Denon AVR-2113 (or 1912?) for the Airplay feature. We use Apple products exclusively in the household (imac, mac mini, 2 iphones & 2 iPads) so the Airplay feature is quite a must have.

So right now I have 3 questions:

  1. Which AVR will be good for this set up?
  2. Which subwoofer will be good for the set up?
  3. I've read somewhere in this forum that the Wharfedales is a little problematic when paired with the wrong AVR? Would someone can help me clarify this and if the AVRs I listed work with these speakers?
    I won't be playing extremely loud movies/music since my neighbours will probably complain tongue.gif

I live in a country where I can't return things and so once I made the purchase it'd be a done deal. Also, the pricing here is probably more expensive than in the UK or US so I don't think I can say a proper budget.

I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask these questions, but I can't find a forum specifically made for beginners like me smile.gif

Thank you in advance for any input any of you can give me.

fujitasenpai's Avatar fujitasenpai 06:29 AM 12-29-2012
Pulled the trigger on a Marantz NR 1602, a pair of bookshelves Q Acoustics 2020 and a Wharfedale SPC-10 sub. All in all loved the sound at the store and can't wait to set it up back home.

Now to save money on a pair of Monitor Audio BX2 to replace the Q Acoustics.
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