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01-02-2013 | Posts: 15
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Happy New Year!

I currently have a set of Polk RT600i floor speakers + CS200 center and the sony SS-B1000 for the rears. Combined with a Sony SA-WM250, 8" subwoofer.

This is powered by an Onkyo TX-SR509.

Anyways, I love these speakers.

Problem is I will hopefully be moving in the near future and am not sure I want to lug the (RT600i's) with me. I'm attempting to make the move in my Hyundai Elantra hatchback + mail a few boxes. Moving my 42" TV + Amp + speakers will probably use too much room. I'm considering selling them and getting something different.

My initial thought is to just replace the RT600i's with Polk Monitor 30s... but there have been deals with the Energy Take 5's which seem good as well but have a lower frequency range.

Room will be a standard apartment... so probably around 14x10 or something around there. Mostly movies and video games.
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01-02-2013 | Posts: 3,986
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How about some RTi4's?

I wouldn't bother with the Energy's. The biggest issue with your setup is that Sony sub... If possible you should try and swing an upgrade for that
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01-02-2013 | Posts: 11,377
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My favorite budge friendly speaker is the Cambridge Audio S30 - and
they are good - and I have owned Polk Monitor and RTi speakers. >>
These are easily my favorite, and they will go down low with tight and
clean bass.
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