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I haven't heard the Polk r150 speakers, but I am pretty comfortable saying that would be a noticeable upgrade- front L and R speakers with 5.25 inch drivers versus the 3 inch of the takes! A subwoofer upgrade shouldn't be too far behind!
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Originally Posted by radiohunter View Post

Denon 1612 and Energy Take Classic 5.1 system.

Polk R150 front and rear
Polk CS10 center channel
Polk PSW10 Subwoofer(I've listened to it at Frys and Best Buy, and I think when configured properly it would sound okay.)

My room is fairly small, probably LxW, 12x10.
With the exception of playing louder - it will not be much of an improvement
for overall sound quality. I for sure, would skip that subwoofer.
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zieglj01 is being kind in even calling it a subwoofer. It's pretty much just a woofer at best.
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Originally Posted by XStanleyX View Post

zieglj01 is being kind in even calling it a subwoofer. It's pretty much just a woofer at best.

+1 - that 'sub' plays to 40hz -3db. Polk makes some pretty good speakers - they make pathetic 'subs'. I've got a pair of floorstanding speakers with dual 8" woofers that aren't called 'subs' and play down to 35hz -6db and I guarantee they sound better than that 'sub' ever will. Get a real sub for not much more money.
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What's your total budget?

The R150 is a slightly lesser speaker than the Monitor 30. About the same size cablinet with 3/4" instead of 1" tweeter. Are you getting some special pricing on this speaker or something?

i wouldn't recommend the Polk PSW-110 either. Can you spend more for somethlng like the Bic F12, Bic 1020 or 1220 subwoofers? The Dayton 10" from Parts Express would be an upgrade over the Polk PSW-110 also.

Why don't you look at the Bic DV62si bookshelf speaker instead of the R150?
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Forget about Polk subs. They just don't make one that can compete with most other subs on a dollar for dollar value. I wouldn't have one unless it were given to me.

Hz is a measurement of frequency of sound. 30hz is 30 cycles per second. 50hz is 50 cycles per second - etc etc.

40hz -3db is the spec Polk gives for that sub in the specifications found on their web site. IMO its dishonest for them to use the spec of 35hz they use to advertise that sub - you have to read the specs to realize they are measuring it down 10db at 35hz. Makes a pathetic sub 'sound' better - on paper any way. 40hz -3db means it is already losing 3db of sound at 40hz. That is a significant drop and very audible. Sound at 25hz can be heard as well as felt. Most anything below 20hz will be felt more than heard but this depends on the sensitivity of the ears that are listening. 40hz + or - 3db isn't even in real sub territory. It is a decent spec for a good tower speaker.

IMO swapping out the Energy speakers for the Polks you are looking at is a push at best. Not much to be gained. Save your money and get a decent sub. You'll be surprised at how much better the Energy speakers get all the sudden. Lateral moves always cost more money than just bucking up and buying something that will really make a difference. You'll look to be upgrading very soon if you do this.

Start with a very good used pair of tower speakers. If you live near any large city Craigs List always have some great buys on older speakers that will knock your socks off. Post a location more precise than 'Out West' and let someone look through your area's Craigs List for recommendations for used speakers. I sold a pair of 10 year old Infinity IL40 3 way towers last year for $300. They were in great shape. And sound much better than anything you're thinking about buying. The guy thought I had a subwoofer connected since all he'd ever owned before was some HTIB stuff with those little subs that make some funny noises. I turned on my 15" sub and let him experience 'big' sub sound. He was grinning from ear to ear. Get a good sub and you will too.
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