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Nick_WI's Avatar Nick_WI 09:05 AM 01-15-2013
I currently have this older Onkyo HTIB speaker set up:

I have the Pioneer 1121 which allows me to set the sub crossover at 50, 80, or 100. The front speakers are rated down to 55 and the center is rated down to 65.

Would it be recommended to set the sub crossover at 80 so there isn't a gap in the frequencies? Do the speakers really go as low as they are rated?

Also, if I set the crossover higher at 100 will that improve mid range and high frequency sounds?

eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 09:12 AM 01-15-2013
The FR specs do not have a variance (+/- ndB), so actual extension is likely higher than the 55Hz (mains) / 65Hz (CC and surrounds).

If your AVR has:
- crossover settings per channel pair, start with 80 for the mains and 100Hz for the CC and surrounds;
- a single crossover setting for all channels, start with 100Hz.

Then try different settings and go with the one(s) that sound best to you.
Nick_WI's Avatar Nick_WI 09:14 AM 01-15-2013
I believe it just has a single crossover. Does the crossover affect high and mid range at all or just LFE?
Nick_WI's Avatar Nick_WI 08:13 AM 02-04-2013
I upgraded to an Outlaw Audio LFM-1 EX with variable crossover. Would it be better to try to crossover on the sub at around 60hz and bypass the receiver crossover? Is that even possible?

My only concern with this is that the dial on the EX is not precise so I wouldn't truly know if I'm crossing it at 60hz because the only 2 numbers on that side of the dial are 30 and 80. Somewhere between there would lie 60.
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