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01-28-2013 | Posts: 76
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I just ordered a Rythmik FV15HP and now I'm already thinking about upgrading the rest of my speakers which consist of NHT ST4, SB2 and CS2. I was looking at the Polk Audio RTi9a but can't find any place locally to listen to them how would they compare to the ST4? I have one place around here that sells monitor audio I was going to go check out but not sure what else to look at?
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01-31-2013 | Posts: 76
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I'm looking at Ascend Acoustics now. I know they have a 30 day guarantee but the shipping back and forth to Canada is not cheap so want to get some opinions on these. Looking at the following:

Sierra Tower
Sierra Horizon

Is the RAAL 70-20xr worth the upgrade cost? How would these compare to the NHT speakers?
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