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01-31-2013 | Posts: 278
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Over the last few months I have built a new computer and added some audio equipment. I have Sennheiser 598 headphones, Audioengine A5+ powered monitors, and an older D-box 300 sub. Now I am looking for a free equalizer that will let tune this setup. Also I have the sub coming out of an audio out from the speakers, should I run it through that method or from the tower? I should also note that I am using the optical out of the PC and running that into a DAC because I felt that the analogue outputs from the computer were very noisy and didnt sound great. If anyone has any comments that would be great
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I don't know about plug-ins that would work for all the sound, but one good EQ I use with winamp is Nevi's EQ, it has over 250 bands, and gives you a lot of freedom in shaping the FR.
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