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LakeMountD's Avatar LakeMountD 09:14 PM 02-08-2013
Hello everyone, I have been researching non stop since getting into my new house that we just had built and I am definitely one of those people who has a hard time picking out electronics, especially speakers. These will be going into our living room and there are 5 spots that are prewired for in ceiling surround sound. I have been looking at the speakers below and would like a little advice on how they each compare to each other and if you guys had any other suggestions. These will be used for more casual uses such as watching action movies and occasionally listening to music, this will not be our primary audio room as I plan on doing a home theater in the basement at some point but we definitely want speakers that sound really good for movies.

Polk RCi 60 series
Definitive Technology UIW 63/A
Episode 300 series

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

LakeMountD's Avatar LakeMountD 07:27 PM 02-10-2013

If you guys have recommendations on any other mid range speakers that won't break the bank let me know.
Elihawk's Avatar Elihawk 08:26 PM 02-10-2013
Need to know:
room size?
Speakers cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousands of dolllars!
ifor's Avatar ifor 08:42 PM 02-10-2013
Choose the front speakers first, then you will have narrowed down the in ceiling rears then.

I don't like using in-ceiling front speakers as the need to be angled towards the seating area to sound good. None of the speakers you listed are capable of that.

Can you use different speakers for the fronts? Like bookshelves or towers or even a LCR bar?
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