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audiofreak1954's Avatar audiofreak1954 08:02 PM 02-09-2013
Going to listen to a pair next weekend. What can you tell me? What to look for? And look out for, and what should i expect!

skriefal's Avatar skriefal 10:53 PM 02-09-2013
Which version? 2c? 2ci? 2ce? 2ce Sig? The earlier ones have woofers with foam surrounds that will almost certainly be in need of replacement, unless that has already been done.
XStanleyX's Avatar XStanleyX 11:08 PM 02-09-2013
I used to own the 2ce sig's and they were a very nice sounding speaker. No complaints. The 2c is a few steps down though and not as highly revered. Since you'll have the chance to audition there will be no better judge than your own ears. It would be nice if you could take a peak under the sock and look at the drivers as noted by skriefal.
Newbie01's Avatar Newbie01 11:48 PM 02-09-2013
One of the few speakers I have actually listened to:

Of course this is just my two cents: Vandersteen 2c

Strong Bass, Weak Mids and VERY neutral highs.

I perfer a warming tweeter. The mids were just missing for me...which emphasized the laid back highs. Bass was kicking but over all I passed.

Of course that is JUST ME. You may love em.
audiofreak1954's Avatar audiofreak1954 06:29 AM 02-10-2013
These are vwrsion 2c's and accordind the the owner "they have rubber surrounds" prob. Will need a recap at there age and im prepaire for that. I just dont know anything bout them except what i read in reviews. They will have to displace my polk RTA 12c's (which wont be easy).
skriefal's Avatar skriefal 10:42 PM 02-11-2013
I haven't heard the 2Cs, but the 2Ces are very nice. The sonic signature should be similar between the two.

Bring a high-powered flashlight with you (LED is best). With care and patience you can use it to "peek" through the grille cloth and view the condition of the drivers inside.
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