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heres the deal, i am not sure i have actually been listening to a home theater with bad reproduction and i am just used to what it sounded like or i am now hearing what it is supposed to sound like and i think it sounds wrong or it actually is wrong! so let me try to explain this as best i can. i will type in all my current settings in a few.
but heres the deal. i have a new onkyo tx-nr616, with 2 front channel floor speakers (klipsh f10 floof speakers.) i also have a (5 klipsch quintets) 2 are surrounds and 2 are back surrounds and 1 is center channel. i also have a svs pb1000 sub woofer.
my issue isnt the sound, it is amazing! it is the dialogue (voices from center channel) has no depth! they seem like there coming out of a can. with all of the awesome sound from the rest of the speakers it almost sounds like the voices dont belong!
could it be a setting in my speaker setup causing the big fronts or even the sub not adding to the smaller center channel to give it depth?
here are my settings, let me know if the settings are causing it or if this is actually how its supposed to sound and i am just used to the old bose setup not sounding rite? or if i may need to buy a larger center channel to get depth? but that doesnt seem like i should have to do that, it seems the fronts and/or the sub should add some depth to the voices dialogue.?

anyway heres the settings,
sub woofer is set to receiver controls the lfe so woofer has no manual settings going on.
fronts are set at 40 hz
center is at 80 hz
the surrounds are set at 120 hz
surround backs are set at 120 hz
lpf of lfe is 100 hz.

please help , i think it kind of sounds bad! but who knows may it sounds rite and i am just used to bose actually just screwing the true sound up!
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Well the center according to Klipsch is rated from 110hz to 23k Hz So minimumly I would raise the center crossover to 110Hz (http://www.klipsch.com/quintet-home-theater-system-2012)

If that doesn't improve the sound to your liking I suggest you get the center channel that matches the F10 towers, the Klipsch C-20.
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I would agree with crazyrob on this one. Raising the crossover may help and you may want to adjust the dB level of the center chanter in the AVR settings as well. However, I read all the time on this forum that you want the front soundstage to be of the same line/family and the Klipsch C20 (or even the C-10) I think would drastically help with your issue.
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You have 3' tower speakers for mains and a tiny center channel that would work better in a computer environment.....I dont see the problem?rolleyes.gif
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