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rdcross's Avatar rdcross 02:43 PM 02-19-2013
So i can get any MartinLogan or Definitive Technology for a really good price and need to know which one will be better for my surround sound system.

I thought i was going to get the definitive technology 8060's for the fronts, and center, and 8040's for the rear. But then i noticed i can get martinlogan for a great price and now don't really know what i want to do.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and why i should do one over the other with specific reasons. This will be used for a 5.1 5.2 or 7.2 system.

Thanks for all your advice and help ahead of time.

border411's Avatar border411 04:43 PM 02-19-2013
I have heard both...I am assuming the ML's are the Motion series? If they are, then I preferred the Martin Logans. I thought they just sounded fuller....but that is just my opinion. I wasnt impressed with the Def Techs
rdcross's Avatar rdcross 04:44 PM 02-19-2013
Yes motion 40's or the esl
rdcross's Avatar rdcross 06:06 PM 02-20-2013
Anyone else???
Newbie01's Avatar Newbie01 06:35 PM 02-20-2013
We are missing a ton of information if you want advice... Size of room, budget, Home Theater to Music Use * 50 / 50 or 75 / 25 *

Do you have a reciever...what do you a new one in your budget.

rdcross's Avatar rdcross 06:39 PM 02-20-2013
So the room is open concept 15x15 lets say 80 to 20 movies to music reviewer will be a Yamaha 2020 which will be $750 of my budget the speakers will be the rest if I did the 8060's I would run the subs in the speakers
rdcross's Avatar rdcross 06:41 PM 02-20-2013
Budget won't matter because of the cost I will get speakers at let's just say its a great deal but in my price would be Martin Logan motion 40's def tech mythos st or 8060's or martinlogan esl
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