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happy hopping's Avatar happy hopping 04:16 PM 02-23-2013

the above speaker is mounted inside a PC with that single wire (+ ve & -ve) to the motherboard

from the above link, I have a few questions:

1) is it really stereo?

2) can I get a bigger internal speaker w/ better sound quality ? If not, can you buy a single speaker and solder the wire yourself ? Also, how big of the speaker can the load to the motherboard handle?

ifor's Avatar ifor 05:54 PM 02-23-2013
I would ask over at Tom's Hardware forums.

fyi, the speaker is responsible for the beeps and noises from start up and things like that, nothing more. It's not stereo.
commsysman's Avatar commsysman 06:11 PM 02-23-2013
The sound quality from the internal speaker is not stereo and you can't do that; not gonna work..

You need to get a pair of external powered speakers and plug then into the audio output jack on the computer.

Check out the Audioebgine 2 speakers or the Creative Labs T12 speakers.
happy hopping's Avatar happy hopping 01:28 AM 02-24-2013
the creative labs T20 is 28W for about $100, but for $150, it's 32W, so I'm not going to pay $50 for 4 more watt. But the T12 is too micky mouse

what about Creative Lab SBX20, is it any good? If not, is there anything better than that, i.e., a tower of integrated speakers?

As they are all made in China, are they TRULY magnetic shielded?

any other high end brand name besides Audio Engine? Especially a pair of satellite speaker that can mount on the side of a wooden rack?
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