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Macra's Avatar Macra 02:39 PM 02-28-2013

After reading numerous articles, threads and suggestions, I'm still a little confused as to what I should set my subwoofer cut-off frequency at.

My 2 room set up consists of the following:
Paradigm Cinema 400 for LCR
Paradigm Monitor Surround 1 for left and right surrounds
Paradigm Monitor Sub 10
NAD T747

Paradigm Cinema 220 LCR
Paradigm Cinema ADP
Paradigm Ultracube 10
Arcam AVR280

For 1), I've set all the speakers to small and set the cutoff frequency for all speakers in the receiver to 120hz (except sub). The sub's cut-off is set to bypass.
For 2), I've set all the speakers to small and set the sub cut-off frequency to 120hz in the receiver. The sub's cut off is set to bypass.

Do I have both sub cut-offs set correctly? I used to have it set to 80hz but wasn't sure if that was correct or 120 is correct.

Any help is appreciated!

eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 03:08 PM 02-28-2013
Roughly speaking:
- On the back of each sub, max out the "crossover" (LPF) or disable it.

- In the AVRs, set the crossover to ~10-20dB above the lowest -3dB rating of your various speakers (but no lower than 80Hz). Example: The Cinema 400s extend to 115Hz @ -2dB. The -3dB point will be somewhere around 110Hz. Try a crossover of 120Hz, 130Hz and 140Hz.

- If your AVR allows you to set the LPF of the LFE channel, set it to 120Hz (or set it to 80Hz and experiment with different settings between 80Hz and 120Hz).
Macra's Avatar Macra 06:47 PM 02-28-2013
Thanks for the info...that's exactly what I was looking for!

I have set both subs to bypass
Arcam allows me to set the frequency on the sub which I have it set to 120 right now, but I will experiment with 130 also.
On the other hand, NAD doesn't allow me to set the frequency on the sub, only for the other speakers which I have it on 120. I take it that anything 120 and below will go directly to the sub then.

Thanks again eljay!
eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 06:38 AM 03-02-2013
Glad to help. smile.gif
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