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Hi all,

Due to the available resources on this website I've been able to begin upgrading my home audio system. The living or main audio space has been blessed with a 2.1 system that will see a 5.1 in the future.

However this space is not the area I'm looking for guidance... I'm utilizing a Denon 1913 AVR and I want to begin taking advantage of the second zone's capabilities. The second zone will be in the basement and these speakers will be utilized for music during pool / card games. These speakers are limited to the power of the AVR... 125 watt RMS - 185 watt max. I'm looking for recommendations for a set of floor standing / book shelves or even speakers in general for a DIY box.

The budget is low i.e. $200 range and any additional equipment is kind of out the question (i.e. another receiver, amp, or powered sub). I'm thinking a low end set of Sony SS-F6000's may be a viable option, but if any experienced audiophiles have some better ideas then I'd be interested in hearing them.
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A set of the def tech sm350/450 can be had for ~300 dollars from new egg! A good speaker which will get loud and has good bass!

Set up #1: EMP e5ti, e5Ci, and SLS Q line Audio surrounds, EMP 10i10i sub
Set up #2: Def Tech SM450, CLR2002, SLS Qline surrounds and Klipsch 12wD sub
Set up #3: JBL130, JBL120C and Klipsch synergy sub
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Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelves seem like a perfect fit based on your description. $219/pair and supposedly still available here:
You'd probably want some stands though.


EDIT:I haven't heard the Studiomonitors, and on paper they get louder, but the venerable zieglj01 seems to prefer the S30 over either, fwiw:
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If you don't care about color look at the Boston A250 towers for $99 each. They're white with black grilles.

If you can spend a little more the Infinity P363 towers are $117 each if you need black. page:P37_SUN date:031013

Also Pioneer FS52 which come on sale for $99 quite often

If you want bookshelf speakers look at the Boston A25, Infinity P163 or Cambridge S30.

oh yeah and maybe the HTD Level TWO bookshelf

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Personally I'm leaning toward floor standing speakers due to an external sub being out of the question. However, of the recommendations thus far maybe I should consider the def tech 350s and read up on those Cambridge bookshelves.

The white Boston towers are the right price but as most would agree... I'm not sure a bright white speaker is the fit for the man cave.

I have considered the pioneer fs52s... So I think I'll compare those to the infinity towers.

The other bookshelves... I think I've ruled out, again bc a stand alone sub is not in the plan.

Thanks for the input all!!
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