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FrenchDavid 03-17-2013 11:44 AM

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on my new apartment audio and video settings. Since I don't know much about sound systems, I need your help to determine what kind of system I should get based on my needs and how I should set it up regarding the configuration of the living room.

Basically, I'll have a huge "library / TV stand" in which I'll have a 55-inch TV, a Mac Mini working as HTPC, a PS3 and a TV box.

I'll use this to watch a lot of sports (40% of the time), TV shows (20%), games (20%), movies (10%) and listen to my itunes music (10%).

Anything is possible at this point, I can integrate the cables in the walls and configure the huge TV stand in order to have the speakers well integrated.

I have three questions to start things off :
  • Based on my uses and needs, should I get a home cinema system or a hifi system ?
  • How many speakers should I have in the room based on its configuration, and where should they be set up ?
  • Would you rather have the TV on the left or on the right of the wall based on where the windows are ?
Sound quality is my number 1 priority, but I'm also looking for speakers that will fit nicely in the living room design. I don't really want to go into premium hardwares, but I want great price quality for systems that will last for many years. To give you an idea, I plan on spending around USD 4.000 for the AV receiver / amplifier, cables and speakers.

Can you advise me on what kind of system I need for my needs, and how I should set it up ? There are so many websites, reviews, and possibilities out there that I really need your help to go into the right direction with this new project.

Thanks a lot for your help, it's great to tackle this new subject for me with well-advised / passionate people smile.gif

Living room (simplified version) :

Living room (with furnitures dimensions)

Living room view from dining room standpoint :

benw07 03-17-2013 08:46 PM

Hi David

Look forward to seeing the suggestions you receive. I have just started looking for a very similar solution and my rooms are similar in size (open plan living area, dining and kitchen) but with limited space to put really bulky speakers. This is a tough balance as agree that sound quality is the most important feature!

FrenchDavid 03-18-2013 07:14 AM

The more I think about it :

1. I think I prefer to have a very good headset for my hifi needs. That's the way I like to listen to my music, without bothering other people in my apartment or even the neighbours. Would I need an amp for that ? The source of my music is my computer (iMac).

2. I want the speakers to be well integrated in the room: the less we see them the better. Since my HC needs are related to sports, TV shows and games, maybe a soundbar would be more than enough for me ? I'd put it in the TV stand / bookshelf under the TV...

benw07 03-24-2013 12:46 AM

Have you progressed any further? I demo'd some soundbars and found them to be quite poor. Might be okay for basic TV but no room filling depth of sound.

I went for Paradigm Studio 60 speakers

Now deciding on which avr to go for

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