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jugsta's Avatar jugsta 11:26 AM 04-25-2013
Originally Posted by jugsta View Post

I'm just waiting to hear back from them regarding the speaker grills. If they paint them, will I then be able to repaint them when I change the room color?

Duh. That was silly. The colored grills are all clothe. Can't paint those.

I just order some B-Stock M2s with additional white clothe grills. I wasn't even thinking about it but I got the Home Theater discount when I added the grills. Nice!

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 11:17 AM 04-29-2013
Nice, I am sure you will be happy with them. smile.gif
jugsta's Avatar jugsta 09:51 AM 05-02-2013
So I guess the next logical question is... Is the "3 weeks" shipping for items from the Axiom Outlet really 3 weeks? I still have two weeks to go if so. It just seems a little weird that it takes them that long if they already exist. If they don't already exist; what happens if they have a perfect run? Do they give you "perfect" speakers for the outlet price? That is my guess. Has anyone ever waited longer than 3 weeks?

Anyone? Bueller?
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 10:20 AM 05-02-2013
I was told the delay is because of demand for the imperfect speakers. They expect to have some within three weeks. I cannot say for positive if they will send perfect ones, but I suspect so since many of the reviews I read on the outlet purchases say they could not find any blemishes.
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 10:35 AM 05-02-2013
If there are no B-Stocks from the production line, they probably will send you normal ones for the lower price. It's all based on predictions from their production line.

I waited for one set of speaker stands for 3 weeks as they state, but the savings were worth it. All of my B-Stock speakers are virtually perfect.

I've also gotten some via their auction section. Rarely are there multiple bids (unlike ebay) so that is a good way to go as it is faster...

Brenttom's Avatar Brenttom 11:07 AM 05-02-2013
The factory outlet product is non-existent stock and the wait time correlates to a run of the speaker. The wait time is a maximum and would be scheduled to deliver by the 3 week wait period, if possible, Axiom would fill the order sooner. It is very unliely to exceed the stated time.
GregLee's Avatar GregLee 11:39 AM 05-02-2013
Originally Posted by jugsta View Post

So I guess the next logical question is... Is the "3 weeks" shipping for items from the Axiom Outlet really 3 weeks?
In my experience, yes; no sooner and no later.
jugsta's Avatar jugsta 12:12 PM 05-02-2013
Thanks you guys. This thread has been very helpful in guiding me to and through my purchase. Also, thanks Brent for your help regarding the speaker grilles via email.

I'll report back in once the speakers arrive smile.gif
Socketman's Avatar Socketman 08:00 PM 05-07-2013
Birth Of An M80

Axiom just released a new video showing how a M80 is constructed. Very interesting video imho, hopefully more speaker makers will follow this lead. Inquiring Minds Want To Know biggrin.gif
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 07:01 AM 05-08-2013
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 04:29 PM 05-17-2013
Even though I don't really need another sub for my M2v3 & EP400 audio only system, I liked my EP400 sub for music so much that I ordered a second one from the Axiom Factory Outlet Store. This now will give each M2 its own sub & will look more balanced aesthetically in my living room.

What was even better is that the Factory Outlet merchandise is 'On Sale at 20% Off' (vice the normal 10% Off) until 31 May 2013. Check it out.

Another informative video here:

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 08:55 AM 05-18-2013
I wish I had an extra $300 sitting around - I just spend it on the new Ceton 6 tuner ehternet based cablecard tuner. I would buy two more M3 on walls.
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 10:32 AM 05-18-2013
Do like 99% of the populace does - use your trusty CC & pay it off later, ha!!

I always try to take advantage of good sales if I can...

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 05:34 PM 05-18-2013
Nope, my entire theater has been pay as you go. Unlike our government, I understand the problems of deficit spending. smile.gif
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 06:07 PM 05-18-2013
cybr: I admire you as you are certainly unique.

There is nothing wrong with deficit financing as long as the monies is paid back in full in a timely fashion. We pay ours off pretty well in full every month.

Governments certainly don't understand this. They borrow, then borrow more & even more, year after year but never pay it back fully resulting in a monstrous, unmanageable debt. Thus the wonderful financial mess that we find ourselves in today worldwide. The laws of economics dictate that it's about to come to an end & it ain't gonna be pretty...

jugsta's Avatar jugsta 12:51 PM 05-20-2013
One more day and my speakers will be here! I'm pumped! I'll send in some pictures when it is finished.
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 10:12 AM 05-24-2013
Did they show up? What do you think?
jugsta's Avatar jugsta 11:40 AM 05-29-2013
Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

Did they show up? What do you think?

Yes! They did! I will report back with photos and a summary of my installation (which went smoothly) when I'm not at work. I'm not 100% yet, but I think I'm pretty satisified with my purchase. Will report back later. Thanks for asking!
jugsta's Avatar jugsta 09:54 AM 05-30-2013
Ok. So here goes. I'm going to include some extra stuff just beyond the speakers because it was a large job. Please feel free to comment or ask questions about the Axiom M2s In-Walls. I know there isn't a whole lot of feedback around the internet on these in wall units, so I'll do my best to describe them.

First things first, once I was able to fish my speaker wire through the insulation from the attic, these speakers were a breeze to install. I traced the provided template, and used a drywall saw to cut the wallboard and drywall. Then I connected the speakers and shoved them in the whole and used the provided hex-key to fasten the speakers to the wall. They fasten very snug and there is some area to move around in case you accidentally were a couple of degrees off on the leveling of your cut. I thought I wouldn't like the paintable grilles before they were shipped but I am actually quite fond of them and may not even use the clothe grilles I ordered on the side. We will see. One note is to be careful when ordering clothe grilles for the in-wall units. I ordered the M2i units from the website and they were the wrong units (meant for the bookshelf and on wall units - magnetic adhesion). I believe you have to call to order the in-wall clothe grilles as they are not listed on the website. Brent, at Axiom, has been very helpful with my order and issued an RA# to replace the incorrect grilles along with replacing two of the paintable grilles that were damaged in transit (This is why you see two grilleless speakers in the photos below). One last note about aesthetics; I was really impressed with the wood trim around the speakers. It is somewhat ornate (rounded) and looks very high quality. I couldn't be happier with the way they appear. Actually, if they could make them have a slimmer profile on the wall, that would be the only area I could see needing improvement. Its actually a non-issue but I just mentioned it for anyone who may be more picky than myself.

The speakers themselves are great. I'm quite fond of bright speakers and these are far brighter than the Klipsch Icon WB-14s they replaced (in my previous 7.1 setup). That was surprising to me but a good surprise. The front stage for this setup is a Klipsch Icon WC-24 center channel and two Icon WF-35 for the left and right towers (should be this way for a while). In contrast to the WB-14s, the WF-35s are very bright and I think these M2 in-walls match up very well with the towers. I watched Tron Legacy 3D the other night and was pummeled by the new sound that was created. The top of the in wall units are 2 feet above the listener's ear position. I just thought putting the center portion of the speaker two feet above ear-position was too high and looked a bit goofy in the room. I will have to observe the localization effects over time. I can't wait to try my next 7.1 movie. I'm thinking something from Pixar.

So the goal of this project was to get all/most of my speakers up off the floor and put our television over the fireplace. This was to accommodate the wifie, but also to accommodate myself and our company as well. Our living room has opened up immensely due to this change. The wife, in the spirit of compromise, sacrificed a linen closet to house all of the AV equipment, this was a bonus for the room and opened up even more space (Hello Mini Bar!). The closet situation is temporary. I plan to install permanent shelving for blu-rays (400 and counting) in the lower reaches and then have a ventilated a/v rack around eye level and possibly put an exhaust fan/light in the ceiling The louvered, hinged door is a new addition and was relatively easy to install. Please refer to this to see the "Before" pictures of this room and my plan before I began. Obviously, one of the biggest renovations still needed are the bookshelves that will flank each side of the television and wrap around the the windows. I'm a little scared to get a quote from the carpenter, but it something I can't wait to put together. See my other thread for the bookshelf plan if you're interested.

Thanks again to Axiom for their help and some of the members of this message board as well. Together, you've helped me love my living room and made my wife happier in the process.

Here are the photos:

Closet with New Louvered Door

Inside Closet A/V Rack

Inside Closet A/V Panel


Surround Back Units without Grilles

Surrond Left Unit

Surround Right Unit

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 01:23 PM 05-30-2013
Very nice!! Thanks for the more in depth review!
Masked's Avatar Masked 06:00 PM 06-02-2013
I'm told my Axiom m80's arrive tomorrow! smile.gif

I've never bought from an internet direct company before, so this is a new experience for me.

After sifting through epic long threads about Axiom(I really enjoyed seeing Ian take an active role on the boards in that one topic that got completely out of hand), I've come to the conclusion I'm probably going to be VERY happy with them. If not, I will take advantage of their return policy. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

I've owned a lot of various speakers from all sorts of manufacturers, so it'll be interesting to compare.

I've owned a pair of b&w diamonds and even though they were great, I'd have to say my most "favourite" speaker to date, were my Paradigm Monitor 90P's. My tastes change over time though too. The Paradigm's were great party speakers and I put them through their paces almost every night for years. lol

Anyway, I will post my first impressions, with pics. i'm getting so excited!
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 10:00 PM 06-02-2013
Excellent, let us know!

Paradigms certainly are great speakers...their higher end lines are amazing.
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 05:07 PM 06-03-2013

As a new owner, you might want to hang out over at the manufacturer's web site Forum as well.

Lots of good tips & assistance with their products there too...

jugsta's Avatar jugsta 11:59 AM 06-12-2013
I just want to say thanks again to Brent and the rest of Axiom for their products and their service. I got my replacement grilles in the mail and I am very happy with the speakers- both aesthetically and functionally.

BONUS I really like listening to my music in all-channel stereo now. I couldn't say that before. I really like these speakers as they add a lot to upper end.
ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 02:47 PM 06-12-2013
There's some new developments in drivers & a new model - M100 floorstander - in the works. Check it out over at their forums.

Welcome news but I don't make opinions nor assumptions until they are for real & I personally play with them.

BTW, my second EP400 is on the FEDEX Truck in town here somewhere. As usual, I always seem to be at the end of the line, ha!

ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 10:50 AM 06-25-2013
Posted elsewhere last week:

Well, yesterday I spent the day wrestling with baseboards & wiring but my second EP400 installation went very well. Wires are mostly not visible & my pet Canada Goose has a more prominent place that strategically hides a furnace vent there in the floor.

I fear that I've created a mini-disco on my living room, ha! Although it is driven only by my 35W/Ch tube amp, this is a very powerful audio system. Bass dispersion is understandably less centered now & perhaps a little more even throughout the listening area. Overall, it is a very impressive setup that fits well aesthetically into our room. A little tweaking on sub levels is still required as they can easily be overpowering, although the bass is so clean it doesn't get annoying, just too much at times.

Thanks to the entire crew at Axiom for providing such a nice collection of outstanding products. This by far is the best audio only system that I've ever owned - I've had more than a few over the years. Sats/subs are nice way to go & they don't sacrifice if anything much considering their small size.

I'll post some pics when I figure out how...

ex-labdriver's Avatar ex-labdriver 11:02 AM 06-25-2013
Some pics:

Some followup thoughts:

Well, I dusted off one of my vintage CDs that I use for evaluating my music systems - TELARC's Time Warp - to run through my newly upgraded audio system.

Amazingly it is still available despite being released in 1984. This CD was recorded when digital was still in its infancy & according to the liner notes:

"During the recording of the digital masters & the subsequent transfer to disc, the entire audio chain was transformerless. The signal was not passed through any processing device (ie, compression, limiting, or equalization) at any step during production". "The digital information was not subject to any analog intersteps, thus preserving the integrity of the original digital master".

This indeed is an uncommon recording as most are not done without manipulation of some kind these days. If you want to hear a production that has been absolutely not altered, this is a good one. It is really too bad that TELARC is no more (swallowed up by Concord).

If you get it, be sure to heed TELARC's Warnings - "Damage could result to speakers or other components if the musical program is played back at excessively high levels". That warning probably would still be valid today although our modern gear is more robust.

Info & reviews here:

My M2s & EP400s sounded simply stunning when reproducing this dynamic CD - dead silence to full bore with tremendous bass at times. Strings were smooth & lush as were wind instruments. The lower end & percussion shook the floor with authority. Overall it was a very pleasing session, so much so that I ran through it several times. It is still in my Denon's disc tray, ha!

This Axiom sats/subs system definitely passed the muster for me, subjectively speaking of course...

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 08:17 PM 07-07-2013
Very nice setup.

There is a new review of some new Axiom speakers on Home Theater Hifi:
Conclusions about the Axiom LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers and ADA-1500 Power Amplifier

When I bought my first decent surround system, Axiom was my choice, and it’s one I’ve never regretted. Though I’ve listened to many other speakers since then, I always yearn to come home to my Axioms. I started with their middle tower model, the M60, as the anchor for both a living room and dedicated theater system. When I had the opportunity to review their flagship models, the Epic 80-800 system, I purchased them after finishing the article. While every upgrade has made a noticeable improvement in my systems’ sonics, the LFR-1100 is, by far, the biggest leap in quality yet. These aren’t just pumped-up M80s, they are a whole new experience from Axiom.

I’ve always admired the neutrality and honesty of all the Axiom speakers I’ve listened to. The LFR-1100s have taken that concept and added a sense of depth and volume that I didn’t think possible in my listening room. I always look for speakers that melt the walls away and transport me to the concert hall; or into the world of the movie I’m watching. The LFR-1100s did this in a way I didn’t think was possible; especially for a speaker pair that costs less (way less!) than $25,000. I know that’s a bold statement but these speakers have bested some ridiculously expensive products in my mind. If you haven’t considered Axiom before, check out their forum and try to set up an audition. There are willing customers who will invite you to their homes for a listening session. If you already own Axioms, trust me, you want these! The LFR-1100s receive my absolute highest recommendation.

They also liked some of the other Axiom speakers, the Axiom Epic Midi 125 Speaker System:
Axiom Audio’s Epic Midi 125 speaker system gets our attention for a number of reasons. There’s the underdog angle. Perhaps more important is the company’s wherewithal to design and build its own drivers, giving it more control over the final result. And then there are the idiosyncratic design features, some of which—the unusual enclosure shapes, the Quadpolar surround design—likely make the system sound better. But all that fades into insignificance when we consider the primary question: Does this system deliver high performance and value for your money? The answer is an emphatic yes for the speakers and a qualified yes for the sub—for larger rooms, you might pick a larger model from the Axiom line, though there’s no doubt the company can muster an honest bass-maker. Add the Epic Midi 125 to the short list of factory-direct home theater speaker systems you’ll want to try at home.
LSUMatt1514's Avatar LSUMatt1514 11:49 AM 07-12-2013
Anyone using the VP100 center channel? How does it perform and sound?

I am moving, and in my current setup I've got a W150 on wall/in wall center. I won't be able to utilize this arrangement in the new house so I'm looking for a more traditional center. The VP150/VP160 seem like a bit of overkill, and I really don't want another center from Axiom with the "pair of tweeters" on each end.

This speaker will be paired with a set of M60 towers. Looking for any feedback on the VP100....thanks guys!
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 12:21 PM 07-12-2013
Sorry, I have never heard it. If you like the 150's power, etc., then the 160 would probably be your best fit. It costs a bit more than the 100, though.
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