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Dan Weatherley's Avatar Dan Weatherley 09:28 AM 03-30-2013
I have onboard sound and my motherboard is quite old as it is from a fairly old Dell PC. I am getting Teufel E 400 Digital. I have been looking at this:

I prefer using an external sound card as it is easier and I am a noob so i can't install it.

Will I hear a difference? I have not got the speakers yet.

Thanks all for help.

Dan Weatherley's Avatar Dan Weatherley 03:14 PM 03-30-2013

Someone reply please smile.gif
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 04:16 PM 03-30-2013
Why don't you get the Edifier speakers you were looking at? It already has a DAC built in, no sound card needed, as long as your computer has optical out or coxial digital outputs. Or, if you don't have digital or optical out, then get a 2 channel DAC to go with the Edifiers. I've seen people over at (search there) say that the Hifimediy Sabre is a pretty good DAC, and it's not very expensive:
Dan Weatherley's Avatar Dan Weatherley 04:52 PM 03-30-2013
Thanks but I think I can't add DAC to the Edifiers for some reason...

I just read it somewhere.

Also I still have not decided on which speakers to get and I can't hear them in any shops because they are not mainstream frown.gif
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 05:40 PM 03-30-2013
Sure you can. An external sound card is a DAC that may have other features. With that DAC, you would need a 3.5mm to RCA adapter, and the plug it up to the back of the Edifier, which has RCA inputs. Look at the manual.
Dan Weatherley's Avatar Dan Weatherley 04:16 AM 03-31-2013
Ok thanks for your help, one last question, for £50 is that external sound card I linked worth it? smile.gif
cel4145's Avatar cel4145 09:13 AM 03-31-2013
Who knows? I don't, and apparently no one else who has read this post does, or they would have said something.
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