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Hi all,

I'm thinking about picking up a pair of budget-priced floorstanding speakers for my Yamaha RX-V671. They would be my daily drivers, complemented by a center channel and a sub (i.e., not part of a full-blown home theater setup). The room is fairly large -- about 15' square. I probably listen to music (mp3s and vinyl) more than I watch movies. I've narrowed it down to the following two:

Klipsch Synergy F-10 for $256/pair


Infinity Primus 363 for $216/pair

The prices I indicated above are the sale prices at Fry's this weekend (lower than the prices on the Amazon pages I linked to above). Anyway, I'd really appreciate any input you guys have to offer.

Thanks in advance,
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You have to be a fan of the Klipsch horn tweeter to get those speakers, they tend to hurt my ears.

I'd opt for the Infinity P363.

Fry's sells Klipsch towers but not sure about that model. Take some music with you and test Klipsch and Infinity out there.

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I like Klipsch, but I would go for the Primus over the lowest end Klipsch speaker. The best thing to do is go there, demo them both, and get the one that appeals to you the most.
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the best prices for the primus at frys is 99 each if you're willing to wait
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You're going to get people that say they like the P363 and people that say they like the Klipsch stuff. I've heard both (reference Klipsch) and they became fatiguing and didn't have as good of a midrange as many other speakers I've heard. The best/only way to be happy is to listen to each (preferably in home, but that's not feasible most of the time) and make your decision.

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Yep, I have heard some really good klipsch speakers...but the budget models can make your ears bleed!

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I would take the Primus speakers.
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Go listen. Some strange people will prefer the klipsch. I own the primus, love it. I would choose many other brands before klipsch. This judgment does not include klipsch heritage as I have not heard them. I lusted after rf-82 for the longest time until I heard them.

Just go listen, maybe you prefer you ears to bleed from the treble penetrating your dome.
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Thank you all for the really helpful advice. I opted for the Primus speakers, and so far I'm pleased with my purchase.
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