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05-19-2013 | Posts: 21
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Hello forum. I have been lurking around for a few weeks reading a lot of helpful threads about home audio. After much research on here, I have decided on the HSU Hybrid 2 package in the 5.1 configuration for my family room which measures 16X18X9. Unfortunately, I have to put my TV over the fireplace (see pictures below). This presents me with a problem concerning the center channel speaker.

1. Since I want to mount the TV as close to the mantle as possible to help prevent awkward viewing angles and neck pain, where is the best place to put my center channel speaker? I have searched and found various options, but didn't know if there was a better spot based on my particular situation.

2. Sort of off subject, but... I know the HSUs bookshelfs are rear ported, but I need to wall mount them for aesthetic/WAF. Will this be a problem with the rear port? If it is OK, where would be the best place to mount them based on my room?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I'd reconsider mounting any TV above a fireplace which is one of the worst places for it...you've already hit on a couple reasons why - neck strian (too high), and no where for the center speaker.
Your room also has a bright window on each side of it which will compete for brightness and seemeingly wash out the picture.
Also if you're considering an LCD/LED type HDTV, you'll have to angle it downward, as those have bad off-axis viewing problems (especially from above, or below), where the colors, contrast, and intensisty degrade noticeably if not looking straight on (that is the 3rd problem with the location youre considering).

A better spot would be the large empyt wall opposite the fireplace - and get a proper stand for it at the same time to hold the center speaker, AVR, Blu-ray player, etc. (Try and locate the center speaker to position its tweeter within 18" on the vertical axis relative to your front left & right sepaker's tweeters.

As to your HSUs bookshelfs, corner placement toed/angled into the room might be best if rear ported to give at least some space for them to 'exhale'. Probably stand mounted about 26" off the floor would be best.
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Rear ported speakers cannot be flush-mounted to the wall w/o changing the character of the speakers. If you need to flush mount the speaker, you would be best to consider sealed or front ported speakers.
They do make mounts that allow speaker room for a rear port, but I have no experience with them!
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05-19-2013 | Posts: 21
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Thanks for the replies! I had considered using the large empty wall (if looking at the fireplace it would be the wall to the left) before. Aesthetics/WAF drew me to the over fireplace location, but it seems I would end up sacrificing tremendous functionality for it.

If I were to use that wall, where would be the best place for surrounds? Bear in mind there will be a couch running parallel to the carpet/hardwood divide. If I'm not mistaken, they usually go slightly behind the listening area in a 5.1 setup. That doesn't look like its going to be an option, correct? Would placing them beside the listening area be an alright option?
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05-20-2013 | Posts: 473
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Yes, your surrounds in a 5.1 set up should be positioned to the sides and slightly behind your seating position - leave a few feet behind the couch to the rear wall/open space - never put your seating up against a wall, as that gives poor sound.
The surrounds can be wall mounted higher if you like, angled down toward the viewers to clear some side space if you're able(?).
If wall mounting isn't an option, then consider some stands for the surrounds (and/or fronts), but try and keep the tweeters at about ear height, and all within about 18" of each other.
Ceiling mounts are another option, but are difficult to make work well enough sometimes...

Your front speakers don't have to be in corners, a foot or two from the corners would likely yield better sound anyway.
'Toe' them in a bit toward the viewer.

Consider getting the book by Jim Smith called "Get Better Sound" (see his website), as there are MANY very inexpensive ideas on improving your system there, and its a great read too!
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Thanks for all of the valuable information and for clearing up a few things for me. I'll be sure to look into that book as well.
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