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saxguy's Avatar saxguy 06:59 PM 05-22-2013
I'm changing my system over to a Marantz AV8801/MM8077 pro/amp and want to upgrade my speakers from my Era D4s. Room is fairly large and open to the kitchen behind and the foyer to the right. I have two JL F113s in the room. I am still considering Paradigm Signature S1 Be/C1 Be and ADP1 - but these are a little more than I'd like to spend.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

jdlynch's Avatar jdlynch 07:31 PM 05-22-2013
I'm a fan of, and, owner of Aerial Acoustics speakers. I feel they are awesome for HT; especially their center channel speakers which are the most important speaker. Until you can afford surround speakers from the same brand most any speaker of your choice will suffice.

Below budget: Aerial 10t's and CC3B center

If you can stretch: Aerial 10t's and CC5 center.

As a third option, since the CC5 is so awesome, would be the CC5 along with Aerial 7B's.
saxguy's Avatar saxguy 07:36 PM 05-22-2013
I have a pair of 7t in my listening room. I have no idea why I didn't consider them for HT.
jdlynch's Avatar jdlynch 07:46 PM 05-22-2013
So, a fellow Aerial owner!

Actually, I feel three identical LCR speakers are the best possible choice. However, three LR5's or two LR5's and a CC5 will probably be 5k minimum.

A less expensive option, though more difficult to find, would be two LR3's and a CC3B: or, three LR3's.
saxguy's Avatar saxguy 07:58 PM 05-22-2013
The issue is that I need something small for my L & R. It may be better to do either four 5b and a CC3 or do two 5b, a CC3 and two SR3. My rears are on pieces of furniture toward the back of the room, maybe at only a 20 degree angle to the listening position. I run my 7t biamped off of a Theta Dreadnaught. Right now I only have an intrepid in my HT setup. I know the Theta would sound better with the Aerial, but I think it would run out of steam in the room.
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