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BluRay Hoarder's Avatar BluRay Hoarder 09:51 PM 05-22-2013
HI all

Walked into best buy and like always came out with stuff I didn't plan on. I picked up the following with discounted pricing working the manager for better prices on open box stuff that showed no sign of even being touched. In Boxes also not floor models where you just walk out with no box, manual, etc...

1 Def Tech Pro Sub 1000 Subwoofer. $300
Pair of Mythos Gem Surrounds $130 Pair
Pair of Pro Monitor 800 Speakers $99 Ea

All in all I have an extra pair in my whole setup to sell and need to decice which ones they'll be

The setup I have questions on is below. :

Pioneer VSX 53 Rec
New Sub- Def Tech ProSub1000
2nd Sub- Older Sony SAWM40 12"
FL and FR -Yamaha NS- 777 Towers
Center- Yamaha-NS-444
Side surrounds* - Yamaha NS 333 Bookshelf... This is where I can replace with new Deftech pro monitor 800 speakers
Rear Surrounds - New Deftech Mythos Gem's

Should I return the PM800 and use the book shelf's or vice versa? I an in thee process of running all the cables so I will be able to check the sound myself in an HR or so but what do you guys think based on specs and all.


The Yamaha are all 6ohm rated and the DefTech are 8 ohm. I have kept my receiver set on 6ohm setting since the fronts are 6 and they draw most of the power. Was that the smart thing to do?

BluRay Hoarder's Avatar BluRay Hoarder 11:36 AM 05-23-2013

?Long story short:
Yamaha is cheaper but bookshelf with larger drivers...
Def Tech is smaller with smaller drivers but more expensive...
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