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I hear good and bad things about them. For those who heard them what were your impressions of them?
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Wharfedale is Britans oldest Loudspeaker manufacturer that has been around sinece the 1930's. So they have made many, many speakers over the decades; some real gems and some dogs.
They also make many lines of speakers in any given model year ranging from bargain basement junk to world class top of the line.

So it all depends on which ones people, as you say, are referring to. The upper Wharfedale ranges like Jade, Opus, Evo and Diamond are outstanding audiophile class speakers. Then there is the real junk like the Zaldeks.

I once owned a full 5.0 set of Diamond 9's anchored by the flagship 9.6's up front. These were very well designed, built and sounding speakers for the money. They had a warm, lush sound and very musical. When I upgraded, a friend liked them so much he bought the LCR's from me. So now I get to enjoy them whenever I am over at his place listening to his rig. I kept the Diamond 9.2's by the way as currently use them as my surrounds. They blend in great with my Viennas. Finally another acquaintance has the TOTL Opus 2-2's and these sound incredible in his system being powered by a Mac amp.

Finally a distant relative knew I was into HIFI and heard I owned Wharfedale. He bought some cheap Zaldeks over Craigs List, called me up and said I don't get it. They sound like crap. So it all depends on which ones.

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What kind of bad things have you heard?

I have the Diamond 10.2 bookshelves as my main L/R speakers in a 2.1 system (with a Klipsch sub). I run them with a 50wpc Marantz NR1602. I mostly use digital music sources (FLAC, MP3, WMA, Pandora, YouTube...etc). I listen to everything from folk to jazz to classical to rap to metal and back again.

I've been very satisfied with how this little system handles music. Even in "Direct" and "Pure Direct" mode where the subwoofer is by-passed - these little bookshelves seem to go down quite low for most needs. I think they would be hard to beat at their price point.

Aesthetically, they have a good wife-pleasing characteristic with their curved cabinets - they are quite a nice looking speaker as far as it goes. This was a factor in my choice, I must admit.

I've struggled with some CATV broadcasts that have seemed too bass-heavy, but I think that is a combination of the source material and room acoustics. I can change the channel, or play a Blu-Ray, and the sound comes right back to life. Yet, with that said, I am pursuing room treatment options and REW measurements before I complete my Wharfedale 5.1 setup (with the 10.CS and 10.SR's).

Some times the used market makes me groan as I see a pair of nice-but-used floor-standers that could potentially have been an upgrade for me at the same price as my 10.2's (plus stands). I've even seen the 10.5 speakers on sale at a competitive price. If I could do it all over again, I might have gone with the 10.5's as my fronts. But on the whole, I'm happy with what I got for the money I paid.
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I heard the new Jade series, and to my years, they even put the Revel Performa3's to shame. They sounded wonderful with a huge and dimmensional sound stage. Tight well controlled bass with a very nice and lively top end.
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I suggest that you go to the Stereophile website and access the review they did fairly recently on the Diamond 10.1.

They were very positive about them.

Most Wharfedale speakers are very good for their prices.

I Kind of have a warm spot for them because my first "good" speakers were a pair of W70 Wharfedales, more than 40 years ago. I had those for 10 years or so, before I bought my Polk RTA12 speakers in 1980, and then my Vandersteens, etc.
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