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Originally Posted by Bill Fitzmaurice View Post

Dome tweeters are essentially cone drivers, and a rear chamber is to a dome tweeter as a sealed enclosure is to a midrange, woofer or sub driver. Just as with larger drivers the overall response of the tweeter can be tailored by the size of the rear chamber. A larger rear chamber doesn't damp the backwave, that must be accomplished by lining the chamber with damping material. The larger the chamber, the lower the frequency that must be damped. That's because destructive reflections occur when the distance from the dome to the rear of the chamber approaches 1/4 wavelength, so the larger the chamber the more issues there are with destructive reflections, not less. Conversely, the smaller the chamber, the shorter the return path, and the less the need for damping, so the damping can be made thinner, or even eliminated. The smallest rear chambers are found in horn drivers, which usually are machined to the shape of the dome, and the depth of the chamber behind the dome is on the order of only a millimeter or two. Doing so eliminates any internal reflection issues, as 2mm is 1/4 wavelength at about 50kHz. Making the chamber that small does lessen response in the low end of the passband, but with a horn that's down to compensate for the low pass function of the horn. .
"a damping chamber" Does that sound off to you? It is clear to me Dave was refering a damped chamber not a large chamber will damp.
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Nexus221, are you still around the forum? What is your experience with the speakers you ordered?


This interesting thread suddenly went cold!

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I would also like to second the request for more information/a resolution. The choice facing me seems to be between the Ascend CMT-340 and the HR HB-1 MK2, so I'm very interested in what anyone might add to this discussion.
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This is a very tough decision. The Ascend probably gives you a more dynamic sound stage with the MTM speakers, but the HSU's are horn-loaded and also offer great dynamics. The Ascend are going to be louder, so if you sit farther than 10-12' I would take them. The VTF3-MK4 is a better sub than the Rythmik though.

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