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First, not only is it brand new to me, I am brand new to the idea of setting up "surround" sound. Never set one up before.

Not looking for something to blow the walls down or have the neighbors calling the cops, just something that adds some oomph to gaming and movie watching.

Can't really run wires around the house (girlfriends veto) and can't run them through the walls (landlord veto). I'd be willing to go to 5.1+ if there were any decent wireless rear speakers, but I hear there aren't any.

Also important for the receiver to have at least one optical connection so I can run my game console optical directly to it and get surround without the input lag (this is probably normal, but I'm completely new to this stuff).

My current plan:
Onkyo TX-SR313 receiver
Pioneer SW-8MK2 Woofer
Pioneer SP-C22 center speaker
Pioneer SP-FS52 floor speaker (2)

Total cost roughly $620.

Can you guys help me get more for the same or less?


Edit to add: I'm not opposed to an HTIB setup either. My biggest concern is bang for buck.
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It will be hard to out do those Pioneer towers and center--unless you can find them cheaper smile.gif Talk with the guys in the Pioneer owners thread to find out if you are getting the best price:

Check for factory refurbished/factory warrantied Onkyos and Denons. That's often one of the best places to get a good deal. Or at least it will tell you if you are getting a good deal on that Onkyo already.

The Pioneer SW-8MK2 is a great little 8" sub for the price, but it's a low wattage 8". It won't extend the bass very deep for those towers for movie watching, and it's small size makes it better suited for moderate listening levels in a computer desktop setup or bedroom setup.

If you can swing a little more on your sub budget, the Dayton SUB1200 is a 12" that do much better for your first HT setup.

And yes. This setup will beat the pants of an HTIB set.

Your questions are answered: Speaker FAQ
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My personal preference is 2 channel over 3. Do you really want towers, since you have a sub, bookshelves can be fine. I'd also generally reach for a better sub, except that you said apartment, and low-frequency travels through walls. There may be a good argument here for sticking with towers without a sub - you can always add a sub if you move from an apartment to a house. I went the other way from a 5.1 system in a house to stereo with decent speakers in a condo. When I am again in a stand-alone house, I'll go back to 5.1 or 7.1 and make good use of a sub.
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I was thinking of dropping the sub. Based on what both of you guys have said, I may do just that.
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