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no cigar's Avatar no cigar 12:25 AM 07-18-2013
My current system is as follows:

2 Monitor 60 (T90e) front
2 TSI200 Bookshelf rear
1 CSiA4 center

My sub was kaput so I'm now looking at changing up. I will do about 50/50 movies/music so I'm wanting to ditch the Monitor 60s for something with a little more punch (at least 2 6-1/2s). I've looked into the BIC PL89 II and for Polk (RTiA7 and RTi10) but am unsure which would have the better sound for music. All are being driven by a Pioneer VSX-1121.

Or what about going with book shelves all the way around? Maybe another Pair of TSI200s? Would it be prudent to add a sub too?


Jay1's Avatar Jay1 12:43 AM 07-18-2013
You definitely need to fix the sub situation before you start speaker shopping (unless you have the budget for all). What is your budget? Do you like the sound of your polk speakers other then wanting more midbass?
Transmaniacon's Avatar Transmaniacon 05:36 AM 07-18-2013
The RTiA speakers are a considerable upgrade over the TSi line, if you like the Polk sound they would probably be a good option. Need a budget, but keep an eye on the Polk Audio Ebay store, they have some awesome deals on manufacturer refurbished speakers.
no cigar's Avatar no cigar 08:37 AM 07-18-2013
I'm looking to stay under $1000 for sure. I would say around $800 including a sub is the absolute max. I would say I like more mid-bass/bass and always felt like even with a sub, the Monitor 60s weren't to my liking at all. Not deep enough. Looking at the RTiA7 on the Polk Store,$800 just for those is steep as I'd want to set aside about $200 of my budget for a sub.
D_M's Avatar D_M 08:53 AM 07-18-2013
No cigar,

Would that $1000 be $2000 next year? If that is the case, you are better off saving until then before you upgrade. Subs in the $200 price range won't knock your socks off. If you are not opposed to the used market, your money will go a lot further.
Transmaniacon's Avatar Transmaniacon 08:53 AM 07-18-2013
Okay here is what I would do. With 800$, and knowing you like bass, and given you already have the CSiA4 center, pick up a pair of the RTiA3 speakers from the Polk Ebay stor for $285. With the rest of your budget, go with a SVS PB-1000 sub woofer. When you pair bookshelves with a sub, there isn't much difference between towers and a sub because with a crossover, you lose the low end extension advantage of towers.

Jay1's Avatar Jay1 10:58 AM 07-18-2013
A 2.5 way tower like the RTi8 should still have a thicker midbass, with more "punch" vs a single 6.5" monitor

That is still a match to the CSi center. He can still get a sub with a ton of output, though definitely not as much extension as the SVS
no cigar's Avatar no cigar 01:58 AM 08-01-2013
My budget would most definitely be staying the same. This is mainly a overhaul prompted by the failure of my sub. Wanting more deep bass/punch is what I'm after now and I'm not in love with Polk to where I'd pass up something better that was still under my budget.

I am seeing that the Klipsch F20 are on sale for a pretty good price @ Amazon.
Transmaniacon's Avatar Transmaniacon 05:27 AM 08-01-2013
Unless you want to go with the Reference series from Klipsch, I would not recommend those. The Polk RTi line is a solid speaker, a considerable upgrade over the Monitor series and has a different sound.
no cigar's Avatar no cigar 10:09 PM 08-01-2013
I believe I'll stick it out for the RTIa5s.
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