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Caprimulgus's Avatar Caprimulgus 12:27 AM 07-20-2013
Dear friends,
I must choose a 5.1 speaker system for a 32 sqm room (total size: 91 cubic meters), but the portion to devote to home theatre is about 19 sqm. The distance between the screen and the main viewing area is about 5.4m.

Now, for a series of reasons I can only use on-wall speakers (not in-wall) and of course the subwoofer will be the only element positioned on the ground.

After a thorough research in this forum and elsewhere, I came to a shortlist of at least 4 possible choices, which are listed below:

  • Martin Logan Motion SLM x3 (LCR)
    KEF T101 x2 (Surround)
    Martin Logan Dynamo 700 (Subwoofer)
  • Paradigm Millenia 30 x3 (LCR)
    Paradigm Millenia ADP x2 (Surround)
    Paradigm MilleniaSub (Subwoofer)
  • Revel M10 x 2 (LR)
    Revel C10 (C)
    Revel M8 x 2 (Surround)
    Revel S12 x2 (alternate Surround)
    Revel B120 (Subwoofer)
  • GoldenEar Supersat 60 x2 (LR)
    GoldenEar Supersat 60C (C)
    Paradigm Millenia ADP x2 (Surround)
    SVS PB12-Plus (Subwoofer)
    Velodyne SPL Ultra 1200 (alternate Subwoofer)

In your opinion, and considering also that the placement of the surround satellites will be quite problematic (asimmetrical position and one element placed within two shelves of a bookcase), which is the most effective system for my room?

Thanks for your help!

daburgh's Avatar daburgh 04:57 AM 07-21-2013
Dude, seriously? Are you really serious asking a question like that? You want people to advise you, sort out for you, the best sounding and best choice for you and your environment based upon the description and list you gave? LOL! The only thing I can offer you is crickets chirping into the hot summer evening in surround sound. Come-on man, cowboy-up and pick one!
Dasteru's Avatar Dasteru 05:08 AM 07-21-2013
I'd go with the GoldenEar/SVS option personally, only ones with ribbon tweeters and by far the best of the subs listed.
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