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SDB553's Avatar SDB553 03:31 AM 08-24-2013
ok, i currently have Sony STR-DG820 7.1 AVR coupled with klipsch quintet 5 speaker system and a Klipsch RPW10. Sounds good, or at least it used to. Since moving to my new apartment, I suppose the dimensions in the living/dining area are a little bigger, combined with higher ceilings and faux hard wood floors means that, for some reason, when the audio source is regular audio, it plays fine, but when a dolby digital 5.1 signal comes across, it's hard to hear. Basically, if I play a movie from my roku box via amazon instant video or vudu, the sounds and dialogue are hard to hear, but if i play classical music from the app from the roku, it sounds great.

im assuming that the speakers I have, when played with a surround sound signal are just not big enough to produce enough volume or SPL in this apartment. As such, I now have a Yamaha RX-V871 arriving next week, and am now looking at speakers to go with it.

Today, after looking at and going to frys, i picked up a pair of the Infinity P363's. While in the store, I also auditioned some polk speakers. I believe they were the TSX330's, but dont remember. I called frys and he said he thought they were the Tsi550's. of the 3 polk speakers they had set up in that one room, they were the smallest of the bunch, but the cabinets were not "square", they had a curved cabinet, tapering from large to small from front to back, this is why i think they were the TSX330s and not the TSI550's.

Anyway, i got the 363's because of the price, $214/pr. However, due to the whole thing on ohm ratings, im concerned. I know some say not to worry about it and it makes sense as there are not any reviews of people losing their AVRs because of them. However, the 363's are not bi-ampable, and im wondering if im going to regret that, if bi-amp is something that one would definately want. I must say though, the polks did sound good, better than the 363's i would say, but they were also $199 each, making them $200 more for the pairs.

Ive also been considering BIC, HTD, HSU, Axiom, KEF and on ebay, there is a pair of RTi8 polks for like $399 (new speakers direct from polk, i think the rti8's are no longer made as their website lists only rti5, rti7, and rti9). There is also a user with a listing of Paradigm monitor 11 v2 for $500 which i would consider.

anyway, i would think in houston, there would be a ton of stores that i could go to, to audition speakers, but apparently, there's not. Aside from Modia and one other store that I cant remember the name of, seems like the big box stores are it (frys, BB). I wish I could actually hear Axiom, BIC, HTD, and HSU, but i cant. That leaves me with the major brands like Klipsch, paradigm (which for the decent speakers (reference line and monitor 9's and up, are going to be too expensive for me unless i can find some good used or factory refurbished), as well as martin logan, which again, for anything decent, will be too expensive.

so, now that i have the infinity speakers in my posession, yet still unopened, would i be making a mistake by keeping them and not taking them back and getting the polk txs330's? also, are there anyone that has any experience with BIC, HTD, and HSU that could tell me where those brands fall as far as sound and quality comparing them to the polks, 363's, or paradigm monitor 9's (i owned a pair of these years ago, and remember them sounding pretty good)

thanks and i apologize for being so long winded.

m_vanmeter's Avatar m_vanmeter 08:56 AM 08-24-2013
lot's of little time.....wink.gif

TSx330 towers would probably not be "better" than your Infinity Primus 363's - more or less a "lateral to downward move" (PS: you got a fantastic price on the pair ! )

I think you are referring to "bi-wiring" instead of "bi-amping" the speakers. Bi-amping speakers means a separate amplifier for the woofer speaker and one for the mid and tweeter. Unless you are willing to spend many thousands more on electronics and speakers I really think you will never notice any improvements by "bi-wiring" the equipment you have. The lack of double input connectors is NOT an issue on the Infinities.

I have a Klipsch 12" sub and am very satisfied with it, but if I had to choose a powered subwoofer just from specs, I would go with Hsu Research.

Don't fall into the trap of second guessing your purchases to date, hook them up and enjoy the magic. You will get the upgrade virus soon enough, but enjoy what you have and establish a base for what like. You can always make a "home theater poor" friend or relative VERY happy when you pass the Primus p363's down to them.

Make sure you match the p363 towers with an Infinity Primus PC351 center speaker.

Unbox those puppies and put them to work biggrin.gif
SDB553's Avatar SDB553 11:00 AM 08-24-2013
thanks, you are right, i always second guess things like this. for the price im going to pay, i think ill just stick with what i got, and after i get this system built, what I may do is just start researching speakers and start buying a new setup but do it one speaker at a time, that way i can get into a higher quality set. It may take several months to complete the higher end set, but, it would allow me to it more affordably.

thanks for the input on bi wire vs bi amp. i always thought bi amp was taking the SBL and SBR wires, and changing the AVR config to "bi amp" and running those wires to the front speakers in a 5.1 setting, essentially taking the power from the amp circuitry of those channels and routing them to the front speakers.
SDB553's Avatar SDB553 11:05 AM 08-24-2013
also, im curious about speaker wire. right now, i have the speaker wire running from the AVR to the fronts and the surrounds are running around the edge of the room to the rears. it's not going under the floor or through the walls and ceiling. It is currently 16guage rocketfish wire i picked up from best buy. would i be doing myself a favor changing that out to 12 or 14 guage wire?
losservatore's Avatar losservatore 11:17 AM 08-24-2013
Don't buy cables at best buy the majority of people here buy speaker cables at you will save a lot of money.
SDB553's Avatar SDB553 11:38 AM 08-24-2013
will do from now on smile.gif but for now, will the 16 guage wire be thick enough or do I need to move up to 14 or 12?
m_vanmeter's Avatar m_vanmeter 07:25 AM 08-25-2013
My "personal minimum" wire gauge is 14 ga. for general speaker wiring.....12 ga. only where the wire run length requires it.
And yes, Monoprice is a very good source for wiring and cables of all sorts. is also a good source for wiring

This is probably the best internet reference to wire
and to wire sizing based on impedance and run length

It's worth the effort to go back up-site to learn something about Mr. Russell's technical background.
FMW's Avatar FMW 07:40 AM 08-25-2013
My personal maximum wire gauge is 16 but I don't do any long runs. I ran 18 gauge under the wood floor in my family room when I installed it for the surround speakers. The run is about 15 feet. No problems at all. 18 gauge should suffice for most installations I think. I don't know why I use 16 gauge for the front speakers. Just the old "better safe than sorry" routine, I guess. In short, you will be fine with what you have.
SDB553's Avatar SDB553 02:02 PM 08-25-2013
well, i went ahead and just got all 12AWG wire. ive read several threads on this topic and everyone says that going 12 guage isnt going to hurt anything, basically, just get 12 guage and be done with it.

i have my surrounds that each is roughly a 35 to 40 foot run, fronts are only 3 or 4 feet and center is about 3 feet.

shouldnt be a problem, right?
SDB553's Avatar SDB553 03:11 PM 08-25-2013
now i have to find a good deal on the infinity PC351 center channel speaker. anyone know of a good place for deals? A4L doesnt sell them, neither does frys, Amazon about the only place i know that has them other than directly from the website, or ebay. Ebay has 2 for sale, but they are just as much as the original price.
laulau's Avatar laulau 04:46 PM 08-25-2013
Originally Posted by SDB553 View Post

now i have to find a good deal on the infinity PC351 center channel speaker. anyone know of a good place for deals? A4L doesnt sell them, neither does frys, Amazon about the only place i know that has them other than directly from the website, or ebay. Ebay has 2 for sale, but they are just as much as the original price.

How about Crutchfield?
bladerunner6's Avatar bladerunner6 06:07 PM 08-25-2013
Originally Posted by laulau View Post

How about Crutchfield?

How about Crutchfield:
laulau's Avatar laulau 06:24 PM 08-25-2013

Since the OP asked about the PC351, I provided a link to the PC351.

Not sure what the point of your post was. confused.gif
bladerunner6's Avatar bladerunner6 06:39 PM 08-25-2013
Originally Posted by laulau View Post


Since the OP asked about the PC351, I provided a link to the PC351.

Not sure what the point of your post was. confused.gif

The point is, I just saw highlighted blue and did not notice it was a link.

In others, the point is, Whoops!

My apologies for my oversight.

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